A Great Month to be a Guy

As June arrives, we realize we’ve nearly made it through half the year—and wonder how that could be possible! It feels like just yesterday we were thinking about New Year’s resolutions and Valentine’s Day gifts. Now, we’re planning for summer—long days and warm nights, grilling, pools and everything else the year’s middle months bring along.

Choose Your Brew

Mix-and-Match the Perfect Six Pack for Summer

do it yourself

We're in love with Ben Uyeda, creative director/genius of #HomeMadeModern. He has an entire website (HomeMade-Modern.com) full of modern design projects that don't break the bank. Here's one of our favorite, a simple stool. Perfect for any room in the house, durable and affordable. Music to our ears.

Aunt Dru’s Old Fashioned Banana Bread with a Twist

One of the smells that remind me of my home is my Aunt Dru's banana bread. I make this when I want to bring back memories of my childhood, and I am sure it will for you as well.

Driving Forces

Graham Hill is the driving force behind the St. Louis Motorcars sales team. Born in 1962 in England, Graham moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in 1985. His first job in the American car business was with The Steering Wheel, a Maserati dealer on Sunrise Boulevard. In 1987, he answered a job advertisement and joined Bentley and Rolls-Royce Motorcars in Fort…

What You Need to Know About Concussions

A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury often caused by impact to the head, neck or face. The injury is often caused by shaking or jarring of the brain inside the skull or from a force transmitted to the head from contact elsewhere on the body. Sports injuries are often associated with concussions. However, they can also occur after…

The Taste of Summer

Photography by Carly Ciardullo Watermelon Margaritas Makes: a pitcher of 6-8 drinks ingredients:  1 cup tequila 1/4 cup cointreau 2.5 cups of cubed seedless watermelon 3 cups limeaid 1 cup club soda juice of 2 limes garnishes: fresh jalapeno slices salt & sugar (equal parts) mixed for the rim lime wedge Place the watermelon into … Continued

Gadgets Geared For Guys!

Whether shopping for Father's Day or another special occasion, it's rewarding to hand-pick items that are as unique as your relationships with the men in your life. Here is a variety of gift recommendations for new or interesting gadgets. Because what guy doesn't enjoy a fun thingamabob?

A Cut Above For Men’s Hairstyles and Grooming

Quality products formulated to address guys’ unique hair care needs and lifestyles are readily available in Chesterfield. Products can be secured to combat thinning hair or dry scalps, in addition to taming unruly curls. American Crew, for example, offers grooming creams, defining pastes, molding clays, liquid wax, boost powders, styling gels, super glue and grooming sprays. Paul Mitchell Tea Tree…