A Community Resolution

The beginning of any year brings a lot of new things. A new start, a new outlook and, of course, a New Year's resolution...or several. Some of the most common resolutions include resolving to eat healthier, to get to the gym more and, overall, a goal for better physical fitness.

First Annual Turkey Trot

Many Chesterfield residents took part in the annual Turkey Trot held on Thanksgiving morning. Featured were a 5K run and a 1K kids fun run along a 3.1-mile loop course that followed Chesterfield Parkway around Chesterfield Mall.

Chesterfield Business Association – Monthly Happy Hour

Chesterfield Business Association, a networking group for professionals living and working in Chesterfield, held its monthly happy hour on November 29. The evening was sponsored by Weber's Front Row in Chesterfield Towne Centre. 
For information regarding CBA, email ChesBizAssoc@gmail.com.

Stay on Track

We all know how New Year’s Resolutions go. Come January 1, we’re all about it. We’re eating healthy, joining the mass quantities of gym-goers everyday after work and convince ourselves we’ll finally stick with it this time. As the months go by, it gets harder and harder to stay motivated, but this health and fitness gear is so cool you…

January 2017 Around Town

Lydia Seibert, chairman of the local oversight board that administers the Friendship Village retirement communities, promoted Ryan McHugh to administrator of the FVC assisted living and skilled nursing units. McHugh comes to FVC from Friendship Village Sunset Hills Fountain View where he managed the assistant living and memory care community from 2015 until this promotion. He presents a substantive history…

Glenn Borgard 
Gives Back to the Community

“I can’t say no” is Glenn Borgard’s simple explanation of why he’s so busy volunteering in Chesterfield. “I got involved in boy scouting as a kid, and it has three aims – the outdoors, physical fitness and citizenship,” said Borgard, who turned 84 on Dec. 17.

January 2017 Trend Setter

Tis the season of merry and bliss. We wine and dine during the month of December with reckless abandon and then make a laundry list of resolutions to start the new year. We vow to watch our spending, cut our carbs, eat more veggies, drink less alcohol, join a gym, go to that gym and exercise 4-5 times a week.…

A Pinch of This, a Splash of That

Two tablespoons of this potent wine reduction can be substituted in a recipe, such as a pan sauce, tomato sauce, or roast beef jus, that calls for one-half to three-quarters cup of wine. Add this reduction near the end of the cooking time—the way you might finish a sauce by swirling in some butter. The reduction can be kept for…

Tips for a 
Successful Workout

Holiday bingeing often brings new or renewed post-holiday vows for improved health and workout commitments in January.

The Myth of “Dieting”: 
Day-to-Day Health

Often, the word “diet” is casually used as a step we take towards becoming healthier. We often distinguish between the “healthy” and “not healthy,” ultimately creating a thought pattern that can be the toxic source of bad habits. “Diet” simply means—that which is being consumed. With all connotations aside, we can understand eating and drinking as innate, so let’s recreate the…

New Year’s Resolution: Get a Better Night’s Sleep 

The majority of New Year’s resolutions focus on eating right, exercising or saving money. But what about making a goal this year for better sleep?