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This month, Chesterfield Lifestyle celebrates our male readers with our “Men’s Issue.” I have had the pleasure of meeting many of our gentlemen readers at Chesterfield Lifestyle events and have received a variety of emails from our male readers regarding favorite articles, ideas for features and responses to our mystery picture feature. We are delighted that our carefully chosen and…

STL Motorcars Holds Aston Martin 
DB11 Launch Party

An elegant launch party for the 2017 Astin Martin DB11 model was hosted by STL Motorcars, at The Butterfly House, 
in Faust Park. Guests enjoyed wine and good company as they anticipated the unveiling of the latest Aston Martin.

Around Town

Mr. David Schwartz of Town and Country recently purchased one of the first Aston Martin DB11 show cars in the USA, from STL Motorcars. Mr. Schwartz was given a private viewing of the stunning new 2017 model at his beautiful home.

The World’s Tallest Man

Several issues ago, I wrote about my great-grandmother’s cedar chest. My grandmother also owned one; this was a very common storage method for lifelong, prized possessions. This was long before the basements full of plastic storage bins many of us have today. Shortly after my grandmother passed away, my mom and I sat down to sort through the items in…

Grand Canyon Hike: Rugged and Rewarding

"A Journey Outdoors Becomes a Journey Within." These words came to me as I pondered and considered the ways I could best convey what I experienced at Grand Canyon National Park. The experience of hiking down the Southern Rim via the South Kaibab Trail of the Grand Canyon to the Colorado River and then back up the Grand Canyon via…

Active Adults Should be Screened for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

You've likely seen it - a news story that flashes on screen about an active individual or athlete who suddenly falls to the ground with their life cut short. Being active or involved in sports ourselves, we often fail to realize that we're all potentially at risk for this condition called Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy.

18 | 8 Fine Men’s Salon

The mantra for the Eighteen Eight FINE MEN’S SALON located off Clarkson and Baxter in Chesterfield is “MAN AT HIS BEST." He is in the moment. It’s his time and his place--the pinnacle of looking and feeling at his best--completely energized, motivated and respected.

Noxxu Makes Driving Fun Again

According to Forbes magazine, one of men's biggest life regrets is that they took life too seriously and didn't have more fun. Chesterfield resident, Dustyn Arney, founded Noxxu last October, with the goal of making driving fun again.

Hit the Road in Style and Comfort

Get Close to Nature: If you are interested in enjoying the outdoors, an RV is a great way to vacation. You can visit state or national parks, tour famous landmarks and simply enjoy some fresh air in natural settings. If you like to take hikes, go fishing, go white water rafting or canoeing, play some golf, go swimming, or go…