November 2015 Editor’s Letter

Last year, John and I attended the Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce Holiday Party. We arrived as a “petless” couple, well after the starting time, as we were balancing our attendance at two functions that evening. After we mingled with the other guests and enjoyed some refreshments, we decided to peruse the tables of items in the silent auction.

Meet Barkley Boyle and Ned Fishman

Barkley Boyle is one of three Chesterfield Travel Leaders pet mascots. Barkley loves playing ball, yipping incessantly and sleeping in the warm sun. Ned Fishman is the daily resident canine at Henry Plumbing-Kitchen and Bath.

November 2015 Around Town

Attention Chesterfield Lifestyle readers: in celebration of our “Furry Friends” issue this month, readers are encouraged to email Publisher Denise Sundvold at for a chance to win an invite for you and your pet to attend a complimentary “Yappy Hour” at Treats Unleashed, in Chesterfield, on Thursday, Nov. 16, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Treats will be provided for…

K-9 Unit Training at Chesterfield’s Storage Masters

Two-legged clients bring a lot of valuables to “sit and stay” at the Storage Masters business in Chesterfield valley. Some special four-legged visitors are not only honing their law enforcement skills but using their presence to deter any possible illegal activities at the facility—located at 16824 Chesterfield Airport Road.

Abby and Emma

A baby is a new addition to the home that comes with many changes and sacrifices. Time and focus are now divided even more and it is extremely easy to overlook the needs of others in the household when you suddenly have a brand new being for which to care. We all know that it is difficult for siblings to…

Retrievers & Friends

In late 2013, some long-time, experienced volunteers of a golden retriever rescue group got to talking about the idea of joining forces and beginning a journey that led to the creation of Retrievers & Friends of St. Louis, a rescue organization based around the use of foster homes for dogs.

Managing Diabetes 
to Prevent Complications

Having diabetes means the body has trouble using glucose (sugar.) Problems begin with insulin, a hormone produced by the pancreas. Normally, after food is eaten, more insulin is produced to allow the sugar to enter the cells, allowing us to use our food as energy. With diabetes, you may not make enough insulin or may not be using insulin effectively,…

Chesterfield Valley Dental : Smiles Abound!

If you're looking for a dentist who understands the importance of personalized dental care and a family-friendly atmosphere, Chesterfield Valley Dental Group is the place for you. The practice is locally and family owned by Dr. Robert L. Rahm DDS.

Treats Unleashed

When Mom told me we were going for a ride, I have to admit I was a little nervous. When she is taking me to Eberwein Dog Park, she always tells me so. We passed right by the road to the dog park and I was starting to worry that we were going to the vet. Much to my delight,…

The Game of Cat and Mouse

Rarely does a week go by that my inbox doesn’t see at least one forwarded cat video—a kitten cuddling with a puppy, a cat getting dizzy on a motorized vacuum or a feline playing the piano. When did we become so “cat-obsessed?”

Meet Charlie and Bella Filmore

Eight year old Charlie, an Old English Sheepdog, was born on Valentine's Day; this sweetheart always has a smile on his face. Bella was recently rescued from a shelter; her spirit and kind nature are beautiful. --Laura Filmore

Meet Barney Beanblossom and Forrest BonDurant

Barney (14), a Red-eared Slider turtle, spends most days basking on top of his floating dock; he begs for food and does not like to be ignored. --Gale Beanblossom | Forrest enjoys being outdoors and playing in water. -- Maria BonDurant

Meet Sünna Sundvold

Sünna is 5 years old; she is a rescue dog and came from the Rio Grande Valley in Texas. Chesterfield Lifestyle Publisher Denise Sundvold and her husband, Bob, are empty-nesters and love their furry child!

Meet Rush Johnston

Rush (5 mos.), pet of Jeff and Amy Johnston, is a handsome, energetic, and loving American Brittany; he loves to take long walks, play fetch and wrestle with his best friends, Tess and Rose, next door. He can smell a treat a mile away.

Meet Ava, Jaxson and Buster Garrett

Ava (2), a Great Pyrenees, Jaxson (1), a German Shepherd Mix and Buster (17), a Tibetan Spaniel are the pets of Chesterfield Lifestyle Account Executive Judy Garrett, her husband Jeff and their son, Sam. The trio of canines are best friends.