Fall Fashion Picks

Velvet blazers are now a "hot," fall fashion clothing item. Sparkly boots are in style. Chocolate brown is the new winter neutral. And, Elle magazine asserts that fall 2017's top runway trends are "Americana vibes, a powerful way to wear red, and vintage-inspired everything." So, what do local women's clothing boutique owners also suggest for this fall?

Back-to-School Fashion

Back-to-school season is a smart time to buy staple clothing and accessories that integrate effortlessly into existing wardrobes. However, it's also a time that some kids stress about exactly the right looks and outfits to have. Consider the following current fashion tips and trends before heading to school.

A Cut Above For Men’s Hairstyles and Grooming

Quality products formulated to address guys’ unique hair care needs and lifestyles are readily available in Chesterfield. Products can be secured to combat thinning hair or dry scalps, in addition to taming unruly curls. American Crew, for example, offers grooming creams, defining pastes, molding clays, liquid wax, boost powders, styling gels, super glue and grooming sprays. Paul Mitchell Tea Tree…

January 2017 Trend Setter

Tis the season of merry and bliss. We wine and dine during the month of December with reckless abandon and then make a laundry list of resolutions to start the new year. We vow to watch our spending, cut our carbs, eat more veggies, drink less alcohol, join a gym, go to that gym and exercise 4-5 times a week.…

A2Z Selfie Company

Amber Smith, owner of A2Z Selfie Co. in Chesterfield, admits that the company’s name was "kid-inspired." Daughter Acacia, 13, and son Zed, 11, helped her pick it out. “At the kids’ school, I was always known as “A to Z mommy” because of their names, so it melded into the new company, and it made sense because our selfies are…

Luxury Timepieces Last a Lifetime

Do you remember your first watch? Maybe you received it as a graduation gift from your proud parents or as a wedding present from the love of your life-- or maybe you rewarded yourself for achieving a goal. Whether it was an inexpensive basic watch, a luxury brand timepiece or was handed down from a previous generation, it immediately became…

18 | 8 Fine Men’s Salon

The mantra for the Eighteen Eight FINE MEN’S SALON located off Clarkson and Baxter in Chesterfield is “MAN AT HIS BEST." He is in the moment. It’s his time and his place--the pinnacle of looking and feeling at his best--completely energized, motivated and respected.