Add Zen to Outdoor Life

Ready to zip some Zen into your summer? Water features can be added to even the smallest of spaces—all that's needed is a fountain, vessel or bowl. An immediate, tabletop water feature can even be created by filling an eye-catching ceramic container with water and adding aquatic plants, such as floating lilies and papyrus. 

Landscapers Serve All-Encompassing Role for Yards

Landscaping is one of the most popular home improvement upgrades that homeowners indicate they want to focus on in 2019. Many say staycations are desirable, so they're creating outdoor rooms with cozy furniture, exterior kitchens, lighting to extend outdoor space usage into evening hours, and speaker systems so favorite tunes can be enjoyed outside.

Master the Art of Bathing in Luxury

Bathrooms are a place to relax, renew and refresh. That's partially why warm bathroom floors and towel warmers are becoming extremely popular, says Laura Grosman of Thompson Price Kitchens/Baths/Homes in Des Peres.

Stoneridge Farms

 Article Julie Brown Patton | Photography Nolan Manning  How does it sound to cuddle up in a double hammock atop a hill view that stretches 25 miles across the beautiful Missouri River Valley while being smack in the middle of wine country? Stoneridge Farms Bed & Breakfast offers just that, and more, from a 20-acre slice of Show-Me heaven in…

Places to Go, People to See

 Article Julie Brown Patton | Photography Courtesy of Travel Leaders Chesterfield  Marcie Boyle, owner of Travel Leaders St. Louis/Chesterfield at 17281 Chesterfield Airport Road, and her certified travel agents offer stellar service with every travel purchase.  Specializing in family vacations, destination weddings, honeymoons and romantic getaways since 2012, this travel group provides complimentary local presentations about the majesty of river cruises, potential…

Home Sweet Fashionista

One of the most straight-forward places to start with home makeovers during autumn is the front door. "Homeowners really are unlimited in the statements they can make through the appearances of doors. But the majority of people have never bought doors before, so the task can seem daunting," says Mike Rachocki, owner of The Scobis Company, a Chesterfield-based custom wood…

Owning Rental Properties

After a decade in the St. Louis real estate investing and brokerage business, I find the market to be quite interesting and to have some definite idiosyncrasies. I have a slightly different view than many other investors might; I have had the opportunity to work a wide range of markets: buying investment properties to rehab and sell, listing and selling…