A Plant on Every Plate

Don't let anyone tell you that you don't have the power to change your health, proclaims Caryn Dugan. She ought to know; her personal brush with cancer prompted her to mega-boost her lifelong pursuit of healthiest eating.

Quality Time with Your Kids

 Article Carly Hebron  Each year summer comes and goes. We hang up the bathing suits and beach towels for our business attire and busy schedules. As summer comes to an end, we should capture time spent with our kids. We should hold onto the memories from the last couple months and let them inspire us for the rest of our year.…

Father & Son Share More Than First Name

 Article Julie Brown Patton  Pinball Games and Restoration  He especially enjoys Bram Stoker's Dracula 1993 machine.

Julie Pfeifer + Her Mom, Jan Gundaker

 Article Julie Brown Patton | Photography Olga Gow  Chanel lip gloss  Macy's

Plant An Outdoor Paradise

To successfully add natural color bursts to outdoor living spaces, it's imperative to work with the lighting factors of existing environments.

What’s Your Temptation?

There's always one constant that remains true about being a personal trainer: We're onstage at all times. Whether it's our physical appearance, attitude, knowledge or experience, we're rarely given the benefit of the doubt, which is rightfully so, given our profession aims largely around living a healthy lifestyle ourselves and helping others achieve that same goal. It goes back to…

Cheers to the New Year

"Let's toast to continued expansion of recreational opportunities in Chesterfield." —Councilmember Barry Flachsbart, Ward 1

Thanksgiving Traditions

"We have a wonderful family get-together, and I love to make a recipe called 'orange cranberry surprise.' We also look forward to my mother-in-law's pumpkin pie made from scratch," Betty says.

Tips for a 
Successful Workout

Holiday bingeing often brings new or renewed post-holiday vows for improved health and workout commitments in January.