5 Helpful Tips for Realistic Budgets

Gather numbers. To create budgets, examine habits, discuss with a professional financial adviser, and think like a business wanting "profit" left once everything comes in and goes out. Use your pay stub to calculate your take-home after subtracting health insurance, 401(k) and taxes. Next, determine expenses from housing, food, daily commutes and recurring costs. Subtract those recurring costs from take-home pay. 

Avoid the Financial Dangers of Holiday Spending

It’s that time of year. The winter holidays are approaching, and calendars are filling up with parties, concerts, dinners, gift exchanges and festive events. Along with all these gaieties come the post-holiday bills and end-of-year financial obligations. But with smart planning, the experts at Securus Circle of Advisors say you can minimize or sidestep these landmines.

Mapping Out Your Rental Portfolio

Rental properties can be a great investment when you compare them to the volatility and lack of transparency in the stock market. I encourage new investors to have an honest conversation, with themselves, as to what level of commitment they are prepared to offer to their investment. After buying, rehabbing and selling real estate, for close to a decade, I…