Decoding the Holidays

‘Tis the season to be jolly, right? That is, until party season starts and we all have to not only find the time to pick the perfect outfit for our annual holiday shindigs, but we have to figure out what in the world to wear. Among office parties, ornament exchanges, Christmas cocktails at the neighbors, family dinners and more, the…


West St. Louis County's many festivities will put even the biggest Scrooge in the holiday spirit. 

What’s in Your Cookie Jar?

When national Cookie Exchange Week occurs December 4-8, will you make your favorite cookie recipes? Because cookies come in all flavors, shapes and sizes, it can become addictive to trade them.

Giving Back Through Dogs

Beth Freeman is passionate about paying it forward. Her Saint Bernard therapy dog, Sasha, agrees and lives by that mantra as well. This devoted duo visits people of all ages in hospitals, long-term care facilities and at special events—people who need unconditional acceptance, hairy hugs and a few slobbers along the way.

Keys to Aging Gracefully?

Experts accentuate that successful aging comes from accepting changes and finding meaningful activities. While turning older can bring emotional land mines and fear of losing independence, gerontologists indicate attitude truly matters regarding victory in aging.

Senior Life Brings New Beginnings

People rarely outgrow a desire to be fashionable, so older life is the perfect time to perform a customized lifestyle makeover, starting with makeup and clothing. Hyper-trendy items that change with seasons may not seem appealing, but fashion is more than trends.

Young Chefs

Autumn becomes an amazing time to teach children a greater appreciation of baking and cooking.

Boutique Realty

Ever since Boutique Realty's team moved their office to Chesterfield three years ago, they've spread strong roots and have been making a huge splash in the real estate market with their modern, technology-centered, creative and service-oriented approach to real estate sales.

What’s Brewing?

Slipping into autumn without sipping into it is tough for most people. So, let's take a peek at what new beverages are in store for October and upcoming colder months. Coffee brewed at Kaldi’s Coffee Roasting Company at 17211 Chesterfield Airport Road comes from high-quality green, unroasted coffees from farms and co-ops around the globe. Kaldi's baristas in Chesterfield proudly…

The Perfect Tailgate

Just like playing a great game of football takes preparation, impressive tailgating celebrations and foods require strategy. Some people even consider tailgating a daytrip, which provides a little extra creativity pressure for organizers.

How to Carve Attention-Getting Halloween Pumpkins

The art of carving pumpkins gets more creative every year. Chesterfield residents are fortunate to have a local carving expert available for assistance at Art Unleashed Inc. This expert shares tips on how to whittle pumpkins that "will get your neighbors' attention."

A Stylish Conversation

Style is not the same as fashion. Indeed, style is more important at Bespoke Apparel, where two generations of haberdashers are eager to assist men with custom clothing designed to make individual personas come alive. At Bespoke Apparel, stylish menswear reflects quality clothing items that are timeless and unique, not as fleeting as fashion wear tends to be, due to…

Farm Fresh

In any previous year, a Chesterfield-associated article about farm fresh items obviously would have highlighted the city's iconic Rombach Farm and Pumpkin Patch. Alas, this summer, Rombach family members closed their operations indefinitely. For decades, the business at 18639 Olive Street Road offered produce, hayrides, children's activities, a country store and lots of photo ops. Through teary eyes, many Chesterfield…

Fall Festivals

Fall is an especially wonderful time to take in festivals. This month dangles choices of interesting events, all of which spark magic into the transition of a new season.

Attributes of Today’s Effective Teachers

"A teacher is a compass that activates the magnets of curiosity, knowledge and wisdom in pupils," proclaimed author and educator Ever Garrison. During annual back-to-school periods, memories surface of how those teacher-inspired compasses and magnets still guide adulthood decisions. But, given today's complex U.S. educational environment, what attributes do "good" teachers embody according to societal norms? And, what trends and…

Back-to-School Fashion

Back-to-school season is a smart time to buy staple clothing and accessories that integrate effortlessly into existing wardrobes. However, it's also a time that some kids stress about exactly the right looks and outfits to have. Consider the following current fashion tips and trends before heading to school.

Lunch Box SOS

How many times have we stood in our kitchens the night before, or the morning of school for our children, silently pleading with ourselves to come up with a lunch that's both healthy AND creative? For those who would like their children to be delighted when opening DIY school lunches, read on!

Starry Night

ummer nights sweep in clear skies that beckon stargazers of all ages. Finding a truly dark spot from which to view the cosmos is essential, and there are a couple of Chesterfield locations that fit the bill. Because it can take 40 to 60 minutes for human eyes to fully adapt to seeing in the dark, plan starry outings accordingly.…

Summer Bucket List

Because July has 31 days, following are 31 Chesterfield-centric activities to explore for the month, or fit in over the rest of summer.

We Scream for Ice Cream

Delighting in ice cream flavors of cool mint, brownie batter, blackberry tart, blueberry sorbet, caramel fudge éclair, pistachio and yellow cake is a surefire sign it's truly summertime! Whether one gravitates to regular, nonfat, low-fat, no sugar added or low carb for ice cream, frozen yogurts, sorbets or smoothies, delectable options exist in and near Chesterfield.

Driving Forces

Graham Hill is the driving force behind the St. Louis Motorcars sales team. Born in 1962 in England, Graham moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in 1985. His first job in the American car business was with The Steering Wheel, a Maserati dealer on Sunrise Boulevard. In 1987, he answered a job advertisement and joined Bentley and Rolls-Royce Motorcars in Fort…

Gadgets Geared For Guys!

Whether shopping for Father's Day or another special occasion, it's rewarding to hand-pick items that are as unique as your relationships with the men in your life. Here is a variety of gift recommendations for new or interesting gadgets. Because what guy doesn't enjoy a fun thingamabob?

A Cut Above For Men’s Hairstyles and Grooming

Quality products formulated to address guys’ unique hair care needs and lifestyles are readily available in Chesterfield. Products can be secured to combat thinning hair or dry scalps, in addition to taming unruly curls. American Crew, for example, offers grooming creams, defining pastes, molding clays, liquid wax, boost powders, styling gels, super glue and grooming sprays. Paul Mitchell Tea Tree…

What Mom Really Wants For Mother’s Day

Identifying new and creative ideas for Mother's Day gifts is increasingly more challenging for women who basically already have "everything." However, the Chesterfield Lifestyle Magazine team wants to help readers impress and dazzle their moms, grandmothers or sisters with something thoughtful and memorable, so we reached out to several local business owners to get their suggestions for great gift ideas.…

Délicieux Dining in Chesterfield

Permeating from the satisfying haven of French cuisine and wines, local food enthusiasts of all levels can secure a palate-expanding experience at Balaban's bistro in Chesterfield. Because Balaban's specializes in personalized gatherings, diners can savor traditional café favorites or innovative dishes, whether for a leisurely meal, intimate dinner, casual brunch or special event. Another endearing feature about Balaban's is that…

Bee Happy in Chesterfield

Buzzing at Chesterfield Valley's edge are busy, winged insects communicating with each other in 10,000 ways, according to their personal apiculturist. Joe and Joanna Duever's bees, within their approximately 40 hives, also produce plenty of honey to sell from the couple's doorstep.

A Pinch of This, a Splash of That

Two tablespoons of this potent wine reduction can be substituted in a recipe, such as a pan sauce, tomato sauce, or roast beef jus, that calls for one-half to three-quarters cup of wine. Add this reduction near the end of the cooking time—the way you might finish a sauce by swirling in some butter. The reduction can be kept for…

Tips for a 
Successful Workout

Holiday bingeing often brings new or renewed post-holiday vows for improved health and workout commitments in January. At the Jewish Community Center (JCC) at 16801 Baxter Rd., Fitness Manager Bernie Suddarth says not much is necessary for exercise besides comfortable shoes, socks, shorts and a top. Other necessary items will be determined by your workout which will be determined by…

New Year’s Resolution: Get a Better Night’s Sleep 

The majority of New Year’s resolutions focus on eating right, exercising or saving money. But what about making a goal this year for better sleep? Sleep is essential to maintaining our physical and emotional health. So, even the occasional sleeping problems can disrupt daily life. For many of us, sleep deprivation is linked to our lifestyles – whether we have…

Pine Cone Fire Starters

Did you know? The largest cone comes from the Coulter pine in California. Coulter cones can be two feet long and weigh five pounds. Imagine that hitting you on the head! Did you know? Pinecones are usually brown in color but can also be naturally green, blue, or purple.

10 New Cookbooks for Holiday Gift-Giving

One of the best things for home cooks about heading into the holidays is the annual release of new cookbooks. This year, publishers have released dozens of titles about nearly every imaginable cuisine and cooking specialty.

The Ultimate Jewelry Gift Guide

Tis the season for holiday drinks, nights snuggled up watching your favorite movie, and the best part: gift giving! If you are having a tough time finding that perfect gift; don’t worry, we have you covered! Whether you're shopping for the special person in your life, a cherished family member, or the ever-challenging Secret Santa, jewelry is the perfect gift!

Naked Vine

November is a fantastic time for wine. Just ask Bryan Herr, proprietor of the Chesterfield wine, whiskey and music venue, Naked Vine. Herr’s venue features domestic wines, whiskeys and artisan cheeses. When asked about Naked Vine’s chilly weather inventory seasons Herr responded: “Do we change during the seasons? Not so much the seasons…we change all the time. We're always bringing…

EdgeWild Restaurant and Winery

The goal of EdgeWild Restaurant and Winery in Chesterfield is simple: to bring affordable fine American wines under private label and unique, elevated American cuisine to customers in St. Louis and St. Charles counties in a rustic, open site. The business is located at 550 Chesterfield Center, on the ring road around Chesterfield Mall.

Vito’s In the Valley

The Sicilian restaurant and gourmet pizzeria located at 138 Chesterfield Towne Centre. Owners Giovanni LaFata and his wife of five years, Jessica LaFata, who live in Wildwood and are parents to Luca (born Sept. 14) and Giovanni Andrea, 3, operate the facility—which opened in October 2013—in keeping with the family’s 20-year tradition in the restaurant business.

Chaminade College Preparatory School

For three generations of the Groneck family—including Dan Groneck of Chesterfield—Chaminade College Preparatory School has been a tradition that has enriched, so far, the lives of four men. Chaminade, at 425 South Lindbergh Blvd., is an independent Catholic day and resident school sponsored by the Marianist Province of the United States, and has been serving young men in grades six…

The Technology of Friendships

Can you imagine if your ancestors were transported to the year 2016 to find that we maintain friendships through texting and email? Photographs can be instantly shared on Snapchat and Instagram? Some people claim 500 “friends” on Facebook? How did we communicate with friends and family before technology played such a large role?

Get to Know the Ganz Family

Dave and Jane Ganz have been married for 42 years and they have been residents of Forest Hills for more than 30 years. Dave and Jane first met when Jane was a new interior designer teaching at a night school program at Parkway West High School, where Dave was a teacher and a coach who was chosen to oversee the…

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

A leading global organization funding “Type One Diabetes (T1D)” research, JDRF works to raise funds for medical research, advocate for government support of research and new therapies, ensure new therapies come to the market and connect and engage those who have the autoimmune disease.

Humane Society of Missouri’s Kuehner Center  

The Humane Society of Missouri’s Kuehner Center, in Chesterfield, offers pet adoptions, a veterinary care center for the community, receiving services for unwanted animals, humane education programs and even a pet-themed gift shop-- all to benefit animals and the people who love them.

Eye Care Charity of Mid-America

The Eye Care Charity of Mid-America is focusing on its mission of enhancing the quality of life, especially for children in need, by providing vision improvement through eye care services and eye health education. Headquartered at 732 Goddard Avenue in Chesterfield, the non-profit vision care organization was founded in 2004, said Kate McKearn, director of resource development.

Circle Of Concern

As Circle of Concern approaches its 50th anniversary next year, the agency – mostly staffed by volunteers - continues a long tradition of serving the needy living in the Parkway, Rockwood and Valley Park school districts with food pantry, financial and other services.

Lakeside Exteriors

Lakeside Exteriors Inc., in Chesterfield, was founded in 1997 thanks to the hard work of a returning Marine veteran. Co-Owner/Sales Director, Dan Merrifield, said the firm, based at 139 Chesterfield Industrial Blvd., was founded when his brother Matt Merrifield returned from service in the Marine Corp.

Filling in the Branches of Your Family Tree

So after May’s article, do you have your historical family documents organized? Whew! What a relief! Now what is the next step to putting together your family tree?

A2Z Selfie Company

Amber Smith, owner of A2Z Selfie Co. in Chesterfield, admits that the company’s name was "kid-inspired." Daughter Acacia, 13, and son Zed, 11, helped her pick it out. “At the kids’ school, I was always known as “A to Z mommy” because of their names, so it melded into the new company, and it made sense because our selfies are…

Jazzercise Fitness Center

Kim Truka’s Chesterfield Jazzercise Fitness Center, based at 13399 Olive Woodchase Plaza, is new to that site but has long been a fixture in the community. Truka, who lives in Chesterfield and also owns the Shrewsbury Jazzercise Center in the Shrewsbury City Center, opened at the Woodchase location in March of 2015.

Chesterfield Police Department

Being an approachable, open, community-oriented department is a point of pride for Chesterfield Police. “We work hard through several different avenues to reach the most people in a positive way while still maintaining focus on public safety,” Captain Steven Lewis said.

Monarch Fire Protection District

The Monarch Fire Protection District has long been dedicated to making the community safer, said Roger Herin, deputy chief/fire marshal. Based at 13725 Olive Blvd. in Chesterfield, the district has come a long way, since 1925, when volunteers started what was then called the Bellefontaine Volunteer Fire Department. The original fire department operated out of the old Bellefontaine Motors business…

WWII Heroes at Home and Abroad

When World War II broke out, it affected people and towns across the globe. Suddenly the entire world had a different outlook on everyday life and the future of the world. Like many towns across the country, Chesterfield and its families had a role to play.

The World’s Tallest Man

Several issues ago, I wrote about my great-grandmother’s cedar chest. My grandmother also owned one; this was a very common storage method for lifelong, prized possessions. This was long before the basements full of plastic storage bins many of us have today. Shortly after my grandmother passed away, my mom and I sat down to sort through the items in…