November 2015 Editor’s Letter

Last year, John and I attended the Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce Holiday Party. We arrived as a “petless” couple, well after the starting time, as we were balancing our attendance at two functions that evening. After we mingled with the other guests and enjoyed some refreshments, we decided to peruse the tables of items in the silent auction.

Planes, trains, automobiles…and busses!

When I turned 16, I didn’t get my own car (with an enormous red bow wrapped around it) like I had often fantasized. I was fortunate though, because I got to drive my mom’s car most any time I wanted—and she had a very nice car. My mom worked downtown, in the federal government building; after I turned 16, she…

Prettify your palaces.

This quote, though tongue-in-cheek, (made by a man most of us would agree had a great sense of humor) gave me a lot to think about regarding this month’s “Home Sweet Home” issue. What does it really mean to “decorate” our homes?

To make and to sell.

Our “Locally Made” issue introduces you to several local products and their creators. While researching and reaching out to our local crafters and artists, in order to select those to be featured, I found three common threads in their “stories.”

The “Crazy
Days of Summer”

What ever happened to the “Lazy Days of Summer?” As a mom, I have found myself busier than ever in the summers. I am a human taxi service for my brood of kiddos who are not in school during the day. Basically, I am enjoying summer from the inside of my car as I wait in various carpool lines to…

June 2015 Editor’s Letter

Our June issue is dedicated to the men in our Chesterfield community. John and I are raising six boys (ages 4-17) in our Chesterfield home; one day soon, they will be men.  Putting this issue together piqued my curiosity about what things our boys thought that all men should know how to do; so I asked them. I asked each of…

A Wedding Tip

Can you hear those wedding bells, readers?  Wedding season is fast approaching.  No one in our family is getting married this year so far, but we are closely following a “wedding saga” of someone we know. I guy named Rom.