Going Green

Living Sustainably in Style Article Nicolette Martin Did you know that in 2016, world plastic production totaled around 335 million metric tons, according to the Earth Day Network? Although you probably can’t singlehandedly change the environmental toll of the amount of plastic pollution that comes from that kind of number, we’ve rounded up a few … Continued

Spring Urge to Purge?

With seasonal cleaning underway, it's challenging to resist the urge to scrub, scrub, scrub. Each cleaning session involves "detail cleaning," says Veronica Short, owner of Sparkle & Shine Cleaning Services. 

How to Carve Attention-Getting Halloween Pumpkins

The art of carving pumpkins gets more creative every year. Chesterfield residents are fortunate to have a local carving expert available for assistance at Art Unleashed Inc. This expert shares tips on how to whittle pumpkins that "will get your neighbors' attention."

do it yourself

We're in love with Ben Uyeda, creative director/genius of #HomeMadeModern. He has an entire website (HomeMade-Modern.com) full of modern design projects that don't break the bank. Here's one of our favorite, a simple stool. Perfect for any room in the house, durable and affordable. Music to our ears.

Pine Cone Fire Starters

Did you know? The largest cone comes from the Coulter pine in California. Coulter cones can be two feet long and weigh five pounds. Imagine that hitting you on the head! Did you know? Pinecones are usually brown in color but can also be naturally green, blue, or purple.