In 2020

When experiencing setbacks, don’t spend unnecessary energy dwelling on them. Beating yourself up for perceived failures will not help you succeed. Pick yourself up and reset your mindset. If it helps, say, “I forgive you; you'll do better next time,” out loud to yourself. Start over each day in a fresh way. Check out a book regarding forgiveness at Chesterfield's Library. 

Two5:7North Videos

Husband and wife duo, Grant and Ashleigh Murphy, know the best videos are those with heart.

Topgolf Tees Off in Chesterfield

 Article and Photography Julie Brown Patton  Topgolf now operates in 44 venues with 8 million-plus annual visitors worldwide. The entertainment chain, founded by two golf-loving English twin brothers, uses technology to make golf scoring fun while enabling people to connect and socialize. A U.S. licensee, WestRiver Group, brought the Topgolf concept to Alexandria, Virginia, in 2005.  Dallas-based Topgolf replaced the former…

More Muny Memories

 Article and Photography  From those on the stage to those revering the stage, The Muny has created lifelong memories for many:  Claire Logan says now that she's older, she realizes "how lucky" she was to be born in St. Louis and "blessed" to be a Muny Kid and Muny Teen, starting with "Annie" in 2009. For her, growing up with,…