Style is a manner of the way you do something or a distinctive appearance that you choose typically determined by the principles to which something is designed.

Style is the first thing the rest of the world sees, and whether or not we want to admit it, deep down we all care a little about how the world perceives us walking into a room or down the aisle. With style being all around us in the form of clothing, hair, accessories, home decor or even food, we bring you our September issue—have you guessed it yet? The style issue!

Whether you’re saying “I do” to walking down the aisle, heading out for some fun, or choosing the best culinary designs, we’re excited to share with you the stylings of Chesterfield. We’re not just into clothes and accessories, though. From local designers, local entertainment and local boutiques to style you, your special event and even your meals, Chesterfield has so much to offer we wish we could’ve squeezed it all in.

Whatever kind of style you’re into this season, we hope this issue inspires you to enjoy the finer things in life.

Stay stylish, Chesterfield!