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From being voted most athletic in high school to making all the ladies swoon over him and his entourage in 2012’s Magic Mike, Channing Tatum proves he’s got game, both on and off the big screen.

Born in Cullman, Alabama, in 1980, and raised in the bayous of Pascagoula, Mississippi, life hasn’t always been about the big lights of LA. Struggling with dyslexia and ADD all throughout his childhood, Channing found that his abilities were better focused in sports, playing football, baseball, track, soccer and even performing martial arts, than in the classroom. 

When the Tatums moved to the Tampa area during his high school years, Channing attended the private Tampa Catholic High School, as his parents hoped it would help his studies. Securing an athletic scholarship for college only to decide to drop out, Channing soon secured odd jobs, like stripping at a local nightclub, performing then as “Chan Crawford.” Wanting to make a film about this time in his life, Channing joined forces with Director Steven Soderbergh of Sex, Lies, and Videotape, Traffic and Erin Brokovich fame to make the 2012 Warner Brothers film Magic Mike.

Luckily for Channing, his move to Miami to continue his stripping career was short-lived. He was discovered by a talent scout, which sent his career into the stratosphere. He modeled for Abercrombie & Fitch, Nautica, Gap and Emperio Armani, and he starred in commercials for Pepsi, American Eagle and Mountain Dew. He also starred in Ricky Martin’s music video for “She Bangs.”

With all this visibility, it wasn’t long before Hollywood came calling. Channing starred opposite his future wife, Jenna Dewan, for his breakout role in Step Up.  And then the roles just kept coming his way, including starring roles in G.I. Joe, Dear John, Haywire, The Vow and 21 Jump Street. In 2013, his action prowess continued when he was cast in White House Down, playing opposite Jamie Foxx. From that point on, Channing has graced the big screen each and every year, with such films as Foxcatcher, Magic Mike XXL, The Hateful Eight, Hail Caesar, Kingsman: The Golden Circle and Logan Lucky. Channing has also been tapped to take on voiceover roles along the way as well, playing Clark Kent/Superman in The Lego Movie and The Lego Batman Movie and as Joaquin in The Book of Life.

With all these feature films and voiceover roles under his belt, it seems Channing is primed to bring one of the most adorable creatures to ever hit the big screen this month, playing the abominable Yeti creature Migo in Warner Brothers’ new animated film, Smallfoot.  

In Smallfoot, Migo finds himself coming face to face with a mythical creature—a human—stopping him in his tracks. As he tries to convince his family and friends that creatures with small feet really do exist, the fun and mayhem ensue. Co-starring Danny DeVito, Zendaya, LeBron James, James Corden, Gina Rodriquez and Common, Smallfoot is the perfect movie for the whole family to enjoy. Hitting a theater near you on Sept. 28, make sure to make time to take a break from all that back-to-school homework and studying and check out Smallfoot!

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