When she says ______, he says she means ______.

Although Jodi and Tony Devonshire have been together for 14 years, they wed last September. And, to make the union further holistic, they launched a business together: Bike Stop Cafe, with a location at 17089 N. Outer 40 Road in Chesterfield and two in St. Charles.

Jodi says the cafes actually reflect their love story. Her work style is sprinkled with nurturing elements, while his is driven by details.

“We’re different, but we respect each other,” Jodi says. “You have to put your opinion out there, but balance how often you push.”

She says the secret to living with and working together is liking each other and picking the battles. 


Jodi probably really means “I dare you.” When a woman says something is fine, they don’t usually mean they agree with whatever it is.

"Must be nice."

This is a saying in Jodi’s family. With sarcastic overtones, it means “Not really.” … Unless the phrase is said in relation to hard work, which means it’s true and actually nice because it was earned.

"It’s never the last hill."

Always said while biking when Tony yells to Jodi “This is the last hill!” He just says that to keep Jodi motivated.