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Ozzie Smith IMAC Regeneration Center Anchors State-of-the-art Health Facility in Chesterfield

Clients of the Ozzie Smith IMAC Regeneration Center say treatment there changes their lives, all for the better. Located at 13353 Olive Blvd. in Chesterfield, with a second location in St. Peters, the approach at this IMAC Regeneration Center is to integrate medicine with a focus on restoring and maintaining health naturally.


“We’re helping bodies resist disease, rather than simply treating the symptoms of diseases,” IMAC partner Ozzie Smith says. “It’s all about mobility and getting back to living your life.”


As a National Baseball Hall of Famer and former St. Louis Cardinals shortstop, Ozzie knows firsthand what it takes to keep a body going through rigorous regimens, to recover from injuries and to adjust as one ages. His centers’ specialized team of doctors work together to provide the most cutting-edge, nonsurgical, prescription-free treatments for spinal injuries and disorders.


Three main treatments typically are pursued at the regeneration center: spinal decompression and chiropractic assistance; physical therapy; and platelet-rich plasma. Some patients come to balance challenges with back pain, osteoarthritis, joint pain or sports injuries. Ozzie and the medical staff assure that treatment protocols are customized for each patient. He says physical therapy serves as the cornerstone of recovery.


To treat torn tendons, ligaments and muscles, Devon Bell, M.D., Regeneration Center Chesterfield, says they use a form of platelet-rich plasma known as “Pure PRP,” due to a high concentration of platelets and growth factors retrieved in the harvesting process. PRP injections are prepared from a tube of the patient’s own blood, spun in a centrifuge, and the activated platelets are then injected into the patient’s damaged tissue. Clinical studies have shown that PRP has improved function and decreased pain to joints, muscles and connective tissue. PRP therapy has also shown great improvement in patients suffering from osteoarthritis.


“During spinal decompression, the spine is stretched and relaxed intermittently in a controlled manner, creating a negative pressure in the disc area that can pull herniated or bulging tissue back into the disc,” Sandy Miller, doctor of physical therapy at Regeneration Center Chesterfield, says. “Whether caused by trauma or degeneration, we realize the impact a spinal injury can have on the quality of your life and are committed to providing the most innovative, noninvasive medical technology and care to relieve back pain and restore function.”