Guys’ Guide to Buying Perfect Diamonds 4

Do You Know What Aspects to Consider?

Expert jewelers and gemologists at Saettele Jewelers assist men each day in finding the ideal diamonds for gifts to match every special occasion.


Co-owner Gary Saettele says it’s all about the brilliance of each diamond, and that the place to start is with Hearts On Fire branded diamonds.


“These type of diamonds are one in a million. Shouldn’t her diamond be too?” he asks.


Gary says every Hearts On Fire diamond is graded and certified by American Gem Society standards.


“Those diamonds have the perfect polish, symmetry and proportion,” he says. “When light goes in them, 100 percent of it is captured, reflected and returned to our eyes. The main consideration is the cut, not the shape.”


Hearts On Fire offers a dazzling selection of diamond jewelry, including earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets.


“Everybody is different, so our focus is to put clients at ease and learn about their interests, what’s important to them and go from there,” Gary says.


He says after a balance of interests is established, it’s time to move into the emotional aspects of diamond purchases. Clients seek and can get advice on jewelry styles, trends, budgets, popular settings, whether to customize, working with family heirlooms and even ideas on how to surprise those special someones.


Also ask about the length to width ratio, which can have a major impact on the shape of fancy diamonds.


Gary assures that, because the store has been operating since 1946, the family team at 279 Lamp and Lantern Village can harness the offerings and resources that’s been available to them for decades. He also confirms that all diamonds sold there are conflict-free ones.


He says another desire is to offer a low-pressure purchasing experience, backed by a 30-day return policy.


“We want her to be happy, just like he does!”