Local Female Movers & Shakers

Spotlighting Community Women Paving the Way


Maximizing Technology Connector

Lisa Nichols

This co-founder of Chesterfield-based Technology Partners is invested in meeting new people and building relationships. As a Kentucky native, Lisa Nichols lives for what she calls the Triple Crown in business: connecting employees, clients and community while helping them with their core values. She likes uniting people who need things because she says it energizes her to help people achieve their dreams. From revolutionizing IT staffing through a different business model, she claims her passion comes from allowing the best and brightest people to rise to their fullest potentials, all while remaining happy and satisfied in life.


Female Entrepreneur Champion

Erin Joy

Knowing when to delegate, outsource or to say no is precisely what this business coach and small business consultant does for entrepreneurial female owners and managers. As CEO of Black Dress Partners, Erin Joy concentrates on the operations, marketing and psychological aspects of businesses. She hosts events tailored for female business owners. In fact, in 2015 she founded the annual Midwest Women Business Owners’ Conference that now attracts 500 attendees to The Ritz Carlton to discuss leadership, empowerment, collaboration and performance. At the end of the day, Erin helps women in business find their best selves.


Optimistic Team Mentor

Tessa Greenspan

Living on the cutting edge of anti-aging products while inspiring and mentoring teams is where Tessa Greenspan likes most to be. As a previous owner of a farmers market, she also enjoys teaching others about health and empowering one’s self to live with positivity from the inside out. She believes women often let insecurities lead to a lack of self-confidence, but that with some encouragement and empowerment, they can do all things they set out to do. Each day, she says she chooses joy, happiness, learning and growth, as a lifelong student and president of TBG Enterprises LLC.


Enthusiastic, Innovative Educator

Danielle Stilts

Teachers have extraordinary daily opportunities to support and inspire students is how Danielle Stilts describes today’s educators. She says she can’t imagine a better job and wanted to be in education ever since her kindergarten teacher took the time to¬†believe in her and make her feel important. After teaching, she recently became a library media specialist within the Parkway School District and is fostering media engagement and proper digital citizenship. She says she believes kids can do anything. They must believe Danielle can do anything, too, because she just won the Parkway District Teacher of the Year award.


Compassionate, Dedicated Health Care Leader

Christine Candio

Dedicating her life to serving others is what drew Christine Candio to becoming a nurse. And she says she enjoyed that for several decades. But when the chance to become the first female CEO of St. Luke’s Hospital in Chesterfield arose, she realized she could serve an even greater population of people. She now says setting the course of excellent patient care in various communities and providing visible leadership is her mission. She thinks of health care as more of a vocation than a job and is proud of the hospital celebrating its 152nd business anniversary.


Zealous, Motivated Connecting Agent

Bridget Nations

Bridget Nations was raised in a large, team-based family with “purposeful-minded” parents. Perhaps that’s why she strives so hard to connect the networking dots for people in the Chesterfield community. As a former teacher, she now raises funds for charitable organizations, serves on the Chesterfield City Council, works with Maryville University for higher education initiatives, co-spearheads the Chesterfield Business Association and serves as executive director for the nonprofit alliance organization Progress 64 West. She also manages catering and events at Balaban’s in Chesterfield. She says working on others is working on herself.