Feminine Spaces 3

Even Multipurpose Rooms Can Have Bling

As an award-winning interior designer, Nancy Barrett zeroes in on client’s inner dreams for surroundings. This owner of Beautiful Rooms at 16670 Old Chesterfield Road has been assisting clients since 1995, including how to create the newly popular “feminine spaces.”

“Oftentimes, it’s about adding the right accessories because many women want timeless, long-lasting but customized interiors,” Nancy says.

As an American Society of Interior Designers member and past chapter president, Nancy applies solid, natural design fundamentals into every project. But to create more “her space” personal touches, she says there are many choices of bling.

“To glam it up, we can weave in different types of sparkle, such as fabrics, crystal or metallics,” she says. “And to create a more feminine look overall, we use more curved lines.”

For example, Nancy had a recent client who wanted a custom-tailored gathering spot for herself and friends, so they turned a living room into a space with four chairs, circular table, big mirror and chandelier. She also had a client who wanted to remodel her bathroom with some feminine touches without going over the top. A soaking tub, lighted mirrors, crystal cabinet hardware and green–her favorite color—glass tile added a feminine thrill. 

"To make a space warm and inviting, I like to mix multiple textures to each client’s taste."

Nancy suggests incorporating trendy accessories. She says a popular, current touch is adding softness through faux fur: fur on benches, as throws, at ends of beds. Introducing shimmery, gold-colored items instantly makes rooms pop. Add new decorations that easily can be changed or switched out for seasonal reasons. This bedroom formerly was home to teenage boys. Now it beckons with chenille fabric, a sparkling acrylic bench, mercury glass lamps and metallic art frames.