Lindsay Wanner Donates Artwork to Charitable Organizations

Some people gaze at outgrown or tattered sports equipment, wishing there was something productive to do with it. St. Louis artist Lindsay Wanner took action when she pondered the same concept.

Lindsay breathes life into old sports gear that would otherwise clutter landfills, while she simultaneously helps community teams.

It all started with an American flag idea.

“I decided that with my construction working husband’s help, I could make an American flag out of bats and baseballs,” she says. “We spent an entire weekend planning, remeasuring, messing up, getting splinters, buying tools and having no idea how it would turn out.

“But we finished the flag, posted it,¬†and it sold immediately.”

Once the baseball flags took off, Lindsay contacted local baseball coaches and equipment managers to purchase their old items, allowing them to buy new bats and balls for their teams. It was a win-win.

She’s since donated artwork to charitable organizations, such as Cardinals Care, Hannah’s Helping Ways, Budweiser Guns ‘N Hoses, BackStoppers, St. Louis County Police Welfare Association¬†and the St. Louis Zoo.

“The beautiful part about fundraisers is while I personally could only donate so much of my own money, my artwork raises funds above and beyond that, which is an incredible feeling,” Lindsay says.