Bishop’s Post: Upscale, Timeless Food Favorites

The wide-ranging menu of Bishop’s Post, 16125 Chesterfield Parkway W., 
is stocked with traditional cuisine that people crave, including steaks, pasta and comfort classics, such as fried chicken, meatloaf and three types of macaroni and cheese. However, the menu offerings also include seafood and fish dishes with contemporary and boldly defined flavors.

Starting with an appetizer, the Bishop’s Post rendition of flash-fried calamari comes with lemon aioli. Diners also can have gluten-free jumbo shrimp, wrapped in house-smoked bacon. Another appetizer is Missouri-raised trout, which is prepared with capers, tomatoes, onions, horseradish cream and served with toasted rye bread.

Can’t make up your mind about what seafood appetizer to have? A great choice is seafood campechana, which is chilled cocktail shrimp and lump crab with tomato salsa, chips and a variety of crackers. Appetizers can be followed by or substituted with seafood gumbo.

If a salad is the preferred next course, diners can add grilled salmon, fried calamari or shrimp to one of the restaurant’s five salad choices.

Guests wanting a seafood-themed salad entrée can select among greens paired with fried calamari, crab cakes or smoked salmon.

When it comes to seafood entrées, the staff’s jumbo sea scallops are front and center. They are seared and served over a sweet potato puree, bacon, roasted mushrooms and peppers. This entree also is gluten-free.

Another great, gluten-free seafood entrée is blackened ahi tuna, which comes with asparagus and sweet corn Parmesan risotto, and is topped with fruit salsa.

A third entrée choice is seafood paella, which combines mussels, shrimp, chicken, chorizo, sweet peas, bell peppers and saffron rice, and is served in shellfish broth.

Within the restaurant’s classic dishes are two options: Bishop’s Post shrimp and grits that features spiced shrimp, andouille sausage, sweet corn and pork belly green chili cheddar grits, as well as beer-battered shrimp tempura, which is served with house-made coleslaw and french fries.