Cheers to the New Year

Chesterfield City Council members 
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“Let’s toast to continued expansion of recreational opportunities in Chesterfield.” —Councilmember Barry Flachsbart, Ward 1

“I pray that Chesterfield will continue to be a strong, vibrant and enjoyable community where you can live and work, as well as educate and raise a family in peace and safety.” —Councilmember Barbara McGuinness, Ward 1

“As the calendar moves forward, I reflect on the many times this year that residents stood with their neighbors to preserve our amazing community. I have always been proud of Chesterfield, not just the city, not just our accomplishments, but our dedicated residents. Happy 2018, Chesterfield!” —Councilmember Ben Keathley, Ward 2

“Here’s to peace, health and happiness to all of our neighbors, businesses, police officers, staff and officials who, together, make our city such a special place to live, work and play.” —Councilmember Guy Tilman, Ward 2

“To a happy, safe, prosperous and fun-filled year. May 2018 bring joy to all in our community, healing for those in need, and a vision and plan for redevelopment the community can support for Chesterfield Mall.” —Councilmember Randy Logan, Ward 3

“I would like to toast the strength and heart of Chesterfield: the people. I have always considered it an honor to be their Ward 3 representative.” —Councilmember Dan Hurt, Ward 3

“Here’s to the wonderful residents of Chesterfield and, in particular, those of Ward 4, whom I’m honored to serve. May 2018 be filled with peace, prosperity and a commitment to community.” —Councilmember Tom DeCampi, Ward 4

“Happy 2018 to the residents of Chesterfield! May 2018 bring peace and prosperity to all. We are very fortunate to live in a city with beautiful parks, thriving businesses and wonderful amenities. Thank you to all who serve and protect our great city.” —Councilmember Michelle Ohley, Ward 4