Thanksgiving Traditions 6

Some of Chesterfield’s Best Thanksgiving Memories

Brock Meece | Upper Limits

“For as long as I can remember, I got up early—at 7 or 8 o’clock–to help my dad cook the Thanksgiving turkey,” Brock says. “The neighbors would bring over their turkeys, too, and we’d prepare them all together, before spending the rest of the day with our families. We used to deep-fry them, but now we’ve been smoking them for about the last five years.”

Kathy Pecher | Coldwell Banker

“Growing up, at Thanksgiving, my family played cards,” Kathy says. “My grandpa taught us poker, and he’d have his bourbon. Then we’d have a great dinner, sometime during late afternoon. Then, by about 8 p.m., my kid brothers would start eating again, and it had to be ‘turkey stuffed with Fritos’ sandwiches. They still eat those sandwiches the night of Thanksgiving!”

Marcie Boyle | Travel Leaders

I love prepping the night before. I get things staged, and ready for our late lunch Thanksgiving meal,” Marcie says. “Before I go to bed, I put stock ingredients in the Crock-Pot so it can cook all night. We wake up in the morning to the house already smelling like Thanksgiving.”

Betty Brandt | 
Old House in Hog Hollow

“We have a wonderful family get-together, and I love to make a recipe called ‘orange cranberry surprise.’ We also look forward to my mother-in-law’s pumpkin pie made from scratch,” Betty says.

Erica Borchardt | 
Hyperion Glass Company

“Some of our fondest Thanksgivings have been spent in our PJs, surrounded by our pets, and getting out Christmas lights and decorations, so we can be ready to flip the switch the next day,” Erica says.

Kim Truka | Chesterfield Jazzercise

“Since my husband and I moved to St. Louis, almost 30 years ago, we haven’t lived near any family, so Thanksgiving means several hours of car travel to Nebraska,” Kim says. “We visit family members in a couple different cities and enjoy multiple Thanksgiving meals. When we got a dog, she joined the trip. When our family expanded with two daughters, this became their Thanksgiving tradition as well. My husband passed away five years ago, but our Nebraska journey continues each and every Thanksgiving because it’s family that makes the miles worthwhile.”

Kurtis Barks | 
Complete Roofing & Exterior

“For the past 10 years, my family looks forward to attending the Guns ‘N Hoses event (a charity fundraiser during Thanksgiving week for The BackStoppers, a nonprofit that supports families of fallen police, firefighters, EMTs and first responders),” Kurtis says. “Our company is one of the champion sponsors. It’s an awesome event, and you get to see people you only get to see once a year.”