Senior Life Brings New Beginnings 1

Make Your Own 
Fountains of Youth

People rarely outgrow a desire to be fashionable, so older life is the perfect time to perform a customized lifestyle makeover, starting with makeup and clothing. Hyper-trendy items that change with seasons may not seem appealing, but fashion is more than trends.

Go ahead and wear colors that evoke soothing, happy internal feelings; others will pick up on that energy. Find a good moisturizer, especially for face, neck, hands, elbows and feet. Try a new haircut. And set a goal to try one new activity each month.

Stay as Active and Healthy as You Can

Besides feeling better about yourself, National Institute on Aging representatives recommend focusing on good health for specific reasons, such as:

  • • Active lifestyles will help you stay independent by improving or maintaining your physical strength.
  • • Exercise increases energy levels, keeps weight under control, puts you in touch with other people and can improve your social life.
  • • You will be less prone to falling and breaking bones because exercise will improve your sense of balance.
  • • With a more active lifestyle, you have less risk of developing diabetes, heart disease and osteoporosis.
  • • People who exercise are less susceptible to depression.
  • • Exercising outdoors allows you to enjoy nature in all its glory.

Tackle a New Hobby

What’s the one thing you wanted to pursue as a youth, but never got the chance to do? At least try it, or find a different way to be around it! Performing arts is an option for ageless artists, and many troupes clamor for behind-the-scenes assistance.

Swimming has become a popular choice for cardio workouts with peers. Even for those who believe they have two left feet, dancing can be a wonderful option, now that the pressure is off to be a perfect dancer.

Check out “laughter yoga” classes for refreshing twists of sessions designed to promote stretching, relaxation and self-triggered hilarity. Jodi Hart, a certified laughter yoga instructor, conducts such self-healing classes at The Timbers of Eureka recreation center.

Travel can be a hobby, whether one goes anywhere or not. Online and armchair traveling is satisfying as well.

Gardening can be combined as a personal hobby with providing extra bounty to neighbors or a local food pantry.

Don’t Fear Joining New Groups

Are you interested in making new friends, hearing various speakers, going on day trips and playing bingo or cards? For those 55 years and older, the Lafayette Older Adult Program (LOAP) is a diverse, regional group in which to become involved. LOAP is a cooperative program between six West St. Louis County municipalities: Chesterfield, Ballwin, Ellisville, Manchester, Wildwood and Winchester, in addition to Rockwood and Parkway School Districts.

Participants generally meet on the second and fourth Mondays of every month between September and May at the Ballwin Golf Course, 333 Holloway Road. Free coffee, soda and desserts are provided, with attendees bringing sack lunches.

LOAP group participants also go on some day trips, such as to The Hill or The Fabulous Fox Theatre.

Ladies, be bold and daring by joining a local chapter of the international Red Hat Society group, which has 50,000 members across 32 countries globally. Debra Granich, CEO of the society, says it’s important not to isolate ourselves as we age, particularly as previous social networks dissipate, such as work teams and parent friend groups based on children’s schools.

“We call ourselves fun connectors! We’re like-minded women who consider our glasses half full,” Debra says. “You’re never alone within the Red Hat Society because due to international members, we can have 24/7 online chats, games and friendships.

Today’s aging process is new, people are living longer, and we benefit from sharing tips about what we’re going through.”

Debra says prior U.S. generations used to think age 50 was old, however, contemporary maturing people are much more vibrant and searching for positive experiences.


Of course, online dating services are available, including one called CatholicMatch, which has quite a few members from Chesterfield.

But for those looking for a more low-key way to meet others, consider the Senior Walking Club hosted by Chesterfield’s Parks, Recreation & Arts Department staffers. They meet and walk trails, or head to the Chesterfield Mall during inclement or colder weather.

Chesterfield also hosts senior seminars with guest speakers covering relevant life topics, as well as a specific education series for maturing adults, such as about genealogy and identify theft. Inviting someone to attend can become a day date.

By joining new groups, staying active and starting a new hobby, you can find your own fountain of youth.