10 Things to Know About Storage Units

Storage Masters Help You Master Possessions

To make space in homes for upcoming holidays, October is an ideal time to box up and store items. Brian Wofford, operations director of Storage Masters at 16824 Chesterfield Airport Road, says now is a perfect time to “take back” attic space, extra rooms and garage.

Following are 10 considerations when selecting the full-service storage company that best matches your needs:

  1. Storage Masters provides a free move-in truck and disc lock. Not all storage companies offer those cost savings.
  2. Is the storage location you’re considering a protected, fenced-in facility? Storage Masters is gated, surrounded by fortress-style construction and has an integrated security system. It also is monitored by 24-hour surveillance cameras, and grants access with keypad entry.
  3. Having climate-controlled units can be vital, depending on what is being stored. Paper products, antiques and certain types of collections all need, and fare better, in climate-controlled storage. Storage Masters has ample climate-controlled units.
  4. How easy is access to your storage? Storage Masters offers drive-up access to all of the business units, so customers only have to walk a few steps to get inside.
  5. How’s the lighting at any storage facility? Many Storage Masters units have skylights, and the facility is extremely well-lit in hallways and at night.
  6. Want to have deliveries made to and accepted by a storage facility? Storage Masters will accept customer packages, or customers can set up arrangements with delivery companies to drive packages to Storage Masters and then pick up the key to the associated unit and place deliveries into that unit on behalf of that customer.
  7. How does 15 percent more storage sound? Storage Masters units intentionally were built with extra-high ceilings for additional storage space.
  8. What happens to belongings at any storage facility in the event of unforeseen damages? Storage protection plans are available at Storage Masters.
  9. Which storage facilities provide boxes and allow storage of extra items, such as recreational vehicles and boats? Brian says his facility does.
  10. Studies indicate home organization can affect one’s health in positive ways. Why not seek a facility, such as Storage Masters, that is dedicated to personalized and friendly customer service?

Storage Masters customers will find complimentary bottled water, a Keurig coffee machine and hot chocolate, cookies and lollipops waiting for them.

Brian’s been known to create fun, online games such as “Storage Feud,” a contest modeled after the popular TV show. In the game, he asks new customers to “Name six items likely found in a storage unit“ or “Name the weirdest things found in a storage unit.” Game winners receive prizes, such as an iPad or free storage credit.

Storage Masters is a family-owned, second-generation business whose Chesterfield’s facility has been operating since 1987.