What's Your Style? 1

What’s Your Style for Home, Decor, Festivals and Clothing?

September is a super time to rethink the styles we surround ourselves with, and whether we’d like to make any adjustments or outright changes to coincide with the changing season. So how do you express yourself in clothes, your home and decorations? No matter your style, this issue has some tips for everyone.

Men, did you know you could get customized suits created just for you? Check out our feature about real-life, local haberdashers. Women, take a peek at what local boutique owners say the new fashion trends will be for this fall.

Thinking about making some changes to your residence? Our article about what to consider for home improvements and interior decor is sure to give you some ideas. It’s like a mental walk through a house makeover.

Aren’t you ready for fall festivals? We sure are, so we’ve assembled a thorough list of local and regional festivals, complete with their dates, details and websites.

When you’re feeling like some comfort foods that autumn brings, take a look at the article we’ve compiled to guide you toward regional spots to get farm fresh food supplies…all while having extra fun along the way.

Whatever it is you choose to flaunt this season, may the contents of these pages inspire you to remain confident and try out some new trends.

Stay stylish, Chesterfield.

Maybe we’ll see you on the runway or at the festivals.