Fall Fashion Picks 7

What will be your trusted ‘go-to’ items?

Velvet blazers are now a “hot,” fall fashion clothing item. Sparkly boots are in style. Chocolate brown is the new winter neutral. And, Elle magazine asserts that fall 2017’s top runway trends are “Americana vibes, a powerful way to wear red, and vintage-inspired everything.” So, what do local women’s clothing boutique owners also suggest for this fall?

Always about classy women’s fashion-forward clothing, Orli’s Boutique at 161 Lamp & Lantern Village carries exclusive, unique and fun styles from top designers in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Boutique owner Orli Axelbaum shares that trending fall styles include very feminine features, with frills and flounces really the rage.

“It’s flowers, flowers everywhere,” she says. “Florals are so in: floral prints, floral embroidery and floral patchwork, which is an easy way to combine prints.”

She says embroidery also is prevalent on tops, pants, jackets and handbags.

Accessories, such as handbags, are much more “ladylike,” Orli reveals, in that they are small, with dainty details and clasps, and outer pockets with contrasting colors.

She says jewelry trends include chokers, and that yellow gold is making a big comeback.

Orli predicts it’s a season of “Denim 2.0” with the 1970s flow: All forms of denim, including long skirts, denim shirts and that ever-present denim jacket.

“But at Orli’s Boutique, it’s not just about fashion trends. It’s about you. We make it easy for you to adapt the newest colors, textures and styles to your unique shape, coloring and, most important, your lifestyle. We can help you make choices to include current trends, using a few new pieces every season, including tops, jackets and accessories,” she says. “We help you adapt new looks to your personality so you can feel confident.”

Orli says with busy lifestyles, customers often tell her boutique team they want trendy, comfortable clothes.

“This is our specialty, easy-to-wear items that help you feel dressed without having to put much time and energy into standing at your closet each day, trying to figure out for 20 minutes what you are going to wear,” she says.

Among the apparel and shoes offered by Final Touch at 128 Chesterfield Towne Centre are vendors Catherine Lillywhites, Reckless-Angel, Cobblestone, Matisse, Mud Pie and Naughty Monkey.

Owner Sue Wickenhauser recently got back from shopping the Dallas market and introduced locally a brand of “upcycled” handbags and crossbody purses made by the Mona B brand. This new line is eco-friendly and fashionably chic. Each recycled canvas bag in the Mona B Collection is an exclusive, one-of-a-kind creation, made with carefully selected wedges of recycled and durable truck tarps and military tents that are sun-baked, weathered and cured from the Indian deserts and jungles. The wedges are then hand-stitched and screen-printed to tell unique stories with adventurous flairs.

Another popular fall item at Final Touch, says store associate Robin Max, are the natural skin handbags from the Canoe product line, which are handcrafted in Georgia. She adds these bags come in cow, horse and goat hides. Each bag has its unique look, personality, natural blemishes and sometimes a brand of the associated ranch on the hide.

Nearly 25 clothing and accessories collections can be accessed via Rachel’s Grove at 129 Chesterfield Towne Center, which is a shop focused on assisting women with self-expression through designer options. Every designer fashion at Rachel’s Grove is hand-selected by co-owner Rachel Forst.

Rachel says interesting sleeves and lace will be “the look” this autumn.

“It’s all about double bell sleeves, ruffles or cut-out sweaters and lace as a part of three-quarter sleeves, or lace being used as an overlay on bodices or other clothing,” she says.

Regarding jewelry, Rachel says the trend is to wear all metals beyond gold and silver.

She’s also offering products from St. Louis shoe designer Claire Flowers, who has created “cute, slip-on loafers.”

Guess what other looks the fashion world indicates are making comebacks this fall? Retro hats, wide belts, leisure suits, broad shoulders and 1970s plaids!