If You Can Read This, 
Thank a Teacher 1

With the celebration of local men in June and adventures in July, this summer already has been quite an eventful one. We had so much fun, it’s hard to believe it’s almost time for it to end.

But, as the song goes, school’s out for summer (we’ll just go ahead and skip that next line declaring school out forever). And, as summer begins to come to a close, it’s time to start thinking about getting back to those backpacks, lunches and busy days.

We believe music is a huge part of what gets us through hectic times, so we’re pleased to round up for you a list of all the local spots that feature live music to enjoy. Hum along with us as we prepare for the beginning of a new school year. Whether it be the first day of kindergarten or senior year of college, it marks a new time in the never-ending quest for knowledge.

A new time of finding out who your teacher is, going school supply shopping, choosing the perfect back-to-school wardrobe, decorating your new dorm room, learning about your new roommate or trying to remember where you have to go when and how much time you have to get there.

While new school years are exciting beginnings, they also can be stressful times. That’s why our August issue of Chesterfield Lifestyle aims to provide a little help with back-to-school tips, such as sending an SOS to everyone who packs homemade school lunches or helps students collect just the right outfits.

You’ll also find inside a testament to some of the most important people we meet in life: teachers. Join us as we pay homage to the type of people who shape us through our formative years and encourage us to see the world through curious eyes.

If you’re like us, we look forward to squeezing one more summer-ish adventure out of August, so check out the special Amtrak train offer regarding children that ends this month.

Have a great school year, Chesterfield.

And remember, never stop learning.