Welcome Your New Publishers of Chesterfield Lifestyle 1

Meet Kelley Lamm and Gordon Montgomery

Because Chesterfield provides such an abundance of neighborhood opportunities and events spanning so many interests, it’s easy to see why its citizens care deeply about the area and enjoy it so much. The two new publishers of Chesterfield Lifestyle are equally passionate about this community.

“There are so many great developments and people in Chesterfield, and we’re having a wonderful time talking to everyone about what makes it so strong and progressive,” co-publisher Kelley Lamm, who relishes inspiring and helping others, says.

As radio hosts on “590 The Fan,” both Lamm and co-publisher Gordon Montgomery understand the value of accurate, helpful information. They pledge to arm readers with as many notices of interesting happenings and local updates as they can. The publication’s team also will highlight what’s occurring in local neighborhoods, shopping areas, groups and businesses. And, of course, the publication will continue to include creative ads offering valuable services and products.

If you’ve heard Lamm and Montgomery on-air Saturday mornings co-hosting the She SAID He SAID” radio show, you already know a bit about their personalities. They, along with special guests, like to entertain, enlighten and educate, always with good advice and a sense of humor, as they “Talk, Love American Style.”

Lamm is a professional speaker, author, emcee, cause marketer and event specialist, too. Montgomery owns Q Media and also used to rock out as the lead singer of the American Greed band. Both are real estate agents, and both enjoy now devoting their experience in the communications industry to Chesterfield Lifestyle.

By serving as celebrities to charity events, they’ve seen firsthand the benefits of joining together to achieve goals. They cherish philanthropic projects and have supported nonprofits, including Make A Wish, Adoption Exchange, Responder Rescue, Back Stoppers, Five Acres, Stray Rescue, Wings of Hope, Boys and Girls Club and Marygrove School for Children. They look at this publication as a creative way to help give back to a community cause.

“We like hearing what everyone thinks is important for Chesterfield,” Montgomery says, noting they already are getting feedback from advertisers, readers and community leaders. “We have a true appreciation of working closely with advertising clients to maximize and extend their marketing efforts.”

Montgomery and Lamm say what attracts them to the magazine is its hyper-local appeal and ability to deliver superior quality, content and results. It offers a way to join businesses and the community to work together collectively. They look forward to building relationships with readers and sharing all of the optimism that envelopes Chesterfield as they begin this new publishing journey.