A Cut Above For Men's Hairstyles and Grooming 8

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Some people predict men’s hair trends during 2017 will return to classic barbering, with more blending between the top and sides of haircuts, as well as shorter beards and more clean-shaven looks.

However, the “guy-smart stylists” of Sports Clips Haircuts of Chesterfield Commons at 202 THF Blvd., proclaim the manly, rustic look is still very much in vogue.

“The popular look is sort of lumberjacky,” Sports Clips manager Alicia Michalik says. “Beards are here to stay, even through summer, and many men use oil and wax in them.”

Michalik says a trendy men’s haircut locally is the pompadour, a style stemming from the chic cuts during the 1950s among male rockabilly artists and actors. It works best with longer locks while adding a slick look to the length. It’s created by combing back the sides of the hair while fanning the top of the hair forward and curling it over itself. Men often use a wet-look, strong-hold gel product, and comb for the current interpretation of this look.

Undercut haircuts are a top trend in men who are 20 to 30 years old, followed by regular fades for men 30 to 50 in age and then businessmen cuts or executive styles for men aged 50-plus, Michalik adds.

Undercut men hairstyles reflect trimmer sides and more length on top. Some men apply molding products to damp hair and tug at the ends to create movement on top. Because this cut has been a staple hair trend in men’s runway looks and is common among film and television celebrities, salon teams know how to approach it. They first should ask clients about associated individual considerations, such as desired frequency of trims, wavy spots, potential cowlicks and willingness to use styling products.

Fade hairstyles are popular short cuts, sometimes also called the military reg. This cut simply means hair tapers from the bottom to the top. Hair at the sides and back is cut as close as possible or desired and fades up into almost any length on top. Typically, one would start with a clipper guard No. 3, and determine where to place the fade line, switching the guard to a No. 2 and eventually to a No. 1 lower on the head. Hair can be neatly styled or given a more texturized, messy look using gel, paste or pomade.

An executive style cut is a classic look, with a more even length all over the head, typically done with fine-cutting clipper blades.

Michalik indicates their other men-specific salon services, such as hot steam towel wraps, massaging conditioners and neck and shoulder relaxing treatments, are also well-liked.