Get to Know the Ganz Family 5

Pillars of the Chesterfield Community for More Than 40 years

Dave and Jane Ganz have been married for 42 years and they have been residents of Forest Hills for more than 30 years. Dave and Jane first met when Jane was a new interior designer teaching at a night school program at Parkway West High School, where Dave was a teacher and a coach who was chosen to oversee the night school program. After several turned down date requests from Dave, Jane finally agreed to a game of tennis; the rest is history.

Jane shared that her three top priorities are “my faith, my family and my company.” Jane is the owner of Directions In Design and has run the business for more than 40 years. When Jane and Dave were newly married, Jane had responded to an ad in the paper about purchasing and running Directions In Design. Dave went to several banks in the the area to borrow money to support the venture; he was turned down by all because they were too young and didn’t have the requirements.

Joe Mason, the owner of the business at the time, loaned Jane the money to purchase the business; she also secured a contract to run the interior design of his display homes. Jane was so successful at both ventures she was able to pay off the loan in less than a year. It was a win-win partnership with Mason Homes as Jane’s gorgeous and innovative interior designs in the display homes brought visitors by the thousands.

Jane has run Directions In Design for more than 40 years and has grown from one person to 30 employees, including several employees who have been with the company between 18-30 years.

“We are a tight knit group and treat each other like family,” says Jane.

While Dave taught and coached at Parkway West High School, he also earned his real estate license and began working in real estate in his spare time and in the summers. He transitioned to real estate and home building full time and now runs Ganz Consulting as part of the family business.

The couple has attended Bonhomme Presbyterian Church in Chesterfield for more than 40 years and raised their son Ryan, now 30, in the church. Dave is an Elder of the Church and they are still highly involved with their church community.

The Ganz family is proof that you can run successful businesses and still be involved at a high level in children’s lives.

“My goals were always to run a business, grow a business and be the best mom I could possibly be,” says Jane.

Jane was always highly involved in Ryan’s schooling and activities, and Dave coached Ryan in several different sports. Ryan earned a college scholarship for hockey and now runs his own business, Liberty Construction, with an office in the Directions In Design building.

“We do things all the time together, as a family,” says Jane. “I get to see Ryan every day.”

The Ganz family joined Forest Hills Country Club 35 years ago and looked for the perfect house in Forest Hills for four years. They have lived in their home in Forest Hills for 31 years and have no plans of leaving the area.

“Little did we know, we bought our retirement home 31 years ago,” says Dave  “We are so blessed to live in a place like Chesterfield; it’s the perfect place to recharge your batteries after a long week at the office. It’s gorgeous. A wonderful place to be married and  raise a family. The cultural events and opportunities here are just phenomenal. There’s no family that’s a bigger supporter and believer in Chesterfield than the Ganz family; why would we ever go anywhere else?”