Prettify your palaces.

This summer has been flying by! It seems like the summers lasted a lot longer when we were kids; doesn’t it? We really spent entire days outside, either at the pool or at the creek. We maximized the daylight hours and literally wore ourselves out eating snow cones and just having fun.

Maybe the way to make the summer last longer is to incorporate more fun and meaning into each day where we can. When I think about fun, parties come to mind. So let’s start by having a party…there’s always something that can be celebrated, right? Let’s commemorate that party with unique and fun professional “selfies” from A2Z Selfie Company (page 16).

Our party is also going to include some dancing; yep, that’s right. To prepare for this shindig, we better get in shape and learn some new moves. Jazzercise is the perfect locally owned business to help (page 28).

While we have our family and friends in attendance, that is a great time to share memories. These stories can help us climb the branches of our family trees. When the party is over and the dancing dust settles–we will have awesome pictures to boot–perhaps we can work on our family tree as a summer project (page 18).

So, there you go; here are some great ideas to make this summer last and make it more memorable and meaningful.  Let’s all raise our snow cones and toast (see what I did there?) to SUMMER FUN!

Yours in Community,

Elizabeth “Libby” Mullen