Jazzercise Fitness Center

A Modernized and FUN Dancing Workout!

Kim Truka’s Chesterfield Jazzercise Fitness Center, based at 13399 Olive Blvd.in Woodchase Plaza, is new to that site but has long been a fixture in the community.

Truka, who lives in Chesterfield and also owns the Shrewsbury Jazzercise Center in the Shrewsbury City Center, opened at the Woodchase location in March of 2015.

“But, for more than 25 years, Jazzercise classes were held at Ivy Chapel United Church of Christ on North Woods Mill Road about a mile away,” Truka said.

“While I became certified as a Jazzercise instructor in 1993, I didn’t own those classes in Chesterfield until 2001, after I moved here. The former owner found I was coming and asked if I’d be interested in purchasing those classes. It was a great opportunity.”

She originally became a Jazzercise student/customer in the mid-1980s when she lived in Nebraska and was looking for a workout that was fun and effective.

“I enjoyed dancing but it’s more instructional and doesn’t offer as good exercise as Jazzercise does,” Truka said. “Jazzercise still has the reputation of being an old-fashioned workout, since dance aerobics started to gain popularity in the 1980s. We were kind of stuck with the stigma of being an 80s workout. But, since I’ve become an instructor, I’ve seen an upward climb, and we’re now on the cutting edge of the fitness industry.”

While dance aerobics is part of the package, she called Jazzercise a dance fitness program incorporating a lot of strength training, pilates style, and yoga.

“Our most popular class is “dance mix”  with a basic structure of Jazzercise incorporating a warm-up, cardiovascular training of dance aerobics and having a second part of the class being choreographed strength training – movements set to music, but we incorporate weight and resistance training as well as well as pilates style exercises,” Truka said.

Fifty-two classes a week, taught by more than 15 instructors, are offered, with many classes added within the last five years as a part of rebranding.

“We have classes devoted to strength training, kick boxing, and high intensity interval training incorporated into some classes – fusion describes classes that incorporate strength training into dancing, to allow the efficiency of the workout to better benefit the customer,” Truka said.

In Chesterfield, hour-long classes are offered starting at 5:30 a.m., with the last class at 6:45 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays. The last class on Fridays starts at 4:30 p.m. Five classes are offered on Saturdays, from 7:25 a.m. through 1 p.m., and four classes are on Sundays, starting at 8:30 a.m.

“We’ve grown by leaps and bounds since we moved into our own center in Chesterfield and can offer more of a variety of classes,” Truka said.

“While we loved being in Ivy Chapel and the trustees and staff were accommodating and wonderful, it wasn’t conducive to what the fitness industry is looking at now, to provide more classes to more customers. Also, at the Woodchase facility, we have a nice wooden dance floor, rather than a concrete floor with tile.”

Staff also includes ten class managers and the Woodchase facility offers childcare/babysitting.

“We’re blessed to have an awesome team,” Truka said.

She’s hoping to incorporate into her schedule, likely starting this fall, a Junior Jazzercise for kids ages five through 11.

“Currently, if a child comes to a regular class and is under 16, a parent or guardian must be with them – adult classes are not appropriate for those under age 12,” Truka said.

Her company reaches out to the community including schools.

“We have a ‘Kids Get Fit’ program for assemblies or for a part of a fitness emporium when schools offer activities, because kids love to move to music – we make it appropriate for various ages on music and the kind of movements and we have worked with some Parkway District schools,” Truka said.

She enjoys all the people she’s met through Jazzercise.

“I’m passionate about activity so it’s easy to help others meet their goals,” Truka said.

“The friendships and community we’ve created at Jazzercise are special. We hold each other up. We joke about this being a good addiction. It’s excellent for people moving into an area, because they meet lots of people right away and are welcomed into the community through exercise.”

Summertime is a great time to start dancing your way into better shape!

For more information about Jazzercise, call 636.552.9910 or visit Jazzercise.com.