A "Snowie" Summer

First Job: Workin’ the Snow Cone Stand

One of my teenagers, Lucas, is working his first official job this summer.  His girlfriend’s parents are entrepreneurs and own several businesses; this year they bought a “Snowie” snow cone Kiosk. After training Lucas in the art of Snowie making, they determined that he was the most skillful at the endeavor and promptly put him to work.

The Snowie Stand is located at the Premium Outlet Mall in Chesterfield.  Lucas has spent many of his summer days and most weekends there, serving up Snowies to the mall’s shoppers.  Not only has Lucas really enjoyed making his own money (I have enjoyed that too—he hasn’t asked me for a cent this summer!), he truly has enjoyed meeting new people and providing excellent customer service.

Not a bad gig, really, for summer! The location of the Snowie stand is primo; due to the outdoor mall setting, Lucas was able to watch the airshow overhead all weekend while he was working!

When mall patrons are hot from shopping store to store on a summer day, they are very happy to visit Lucas at the Snowie stand.  When they see that the Snowie servings are very large cups rather than the traditional, smaller paper cones their eyes literally light up!

Lucas has learned a lot about running a business, this summer, too–tracking trends in flavor preferences for ordering, minimizing waste and gaining repeat customers.  All of these lessons will serve him well throughout his choice of career.

Be sure to visit the Premium Outlet Mall; you may observe many people (primarily children) walking around with bright blue lips and tongues.  Don’t be alarmed; they had a Blue Raspberry Snowie—it’s all the rage!

If you would like to enjoy the cooling refreshment of a Snowie, sans the blue mouth, visit Lucas and order one of the other vibrant flavors: Root beer, Banana, Cherry, Watermelon, Grape, Banana and yes, even Cotton Candy!