Luxury Timepieces Last a Lifetime 3

Invest in the Best

Do you remember your first watch? Maybe you received it as a graduation gift from your proud parents or as a wedding present from the love of your life– or maybe you rewarded yourself for achieving a goal.

Whether it was an inexpensive basic watch, a luxury brand timepiece or was handed down from a previous generation, it immediately became associated with an important moment in your life.

Choosing that special timepiece has never been easier. Since its popular acceptance less than 100 years ago, as a replacement for the pocket watch, today’s wristwatch is as much a symbol of a status as it is a

functional device that tells time. There are a great many styles, shapes, sizes, colors, and designs– from traditional to revolutionary, to meet individual tastes and budgets.

Advances in technology have made it possible for even affordably priced brands, like Bulova and Seiko, to offer models that are water resistant and have scratch resistant crystals and are available in both metal and leather strap options. Now, Apple has even jumped into the game with the introduction of their high tech SmartWatch.

With so many less expensive options available, why would someone buy a luxury watch? One reason is that purchasing a luxury brand watch is an investment.  The value of luxury watch brands such as Rolex, Oris and Jaeger-LeCoultrie is not only in the brand name;  master watchmakers can spend months and sometimes years creating the elaborate inner mechanisms that drive the powerful engines of a quality timepiece. It’s this workmanship that allows these masterpieces to be passed to future generations.

In addition to being viewed as investments, quality timepieces are important accessories for men because men have fewer options available to make a style statement and a status watch telegraphs success and elegance. Tune in to any episode of the drama Mad Man and you’ll surely see Don Draper sporting a luxury watch. Walk into the boardroom of any Fortune 500 company and you’ll find a wide range of luxury watch brands on the wrists of executives.

Watches have long been associated with celebrity status and power. As watch aficionado special agent James Bond ( Sean Connery) famously wore a Rolex Explorer in 1962, and a golden Gruen in 1967. In the

latest Bond movie “Skyfall,” Daniel Craig sports an Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean– a watch that was later sold at an auction for $254,273.00!

While some celebrities are simply watch enthusiasts—like actor, Leonardo di Caprio and football star, Tom Brady, don Tag Heur timepieces. Others, like  Formula 1 professional racer, Nico Rosberg and professional diver Carlos Coste sport Oris watches and are paid to endorse the brand. These ambassadors are chosen to reflect the images and values of the brands they promote.

Other high profile wristwatch wearers include President John F. Kennedy who wore an Omega Thin when he took the oath of office in 1961. President Obama  wore a Jorg Gray at the G20 Summit in London—a battery powered watch that does little more than tell time and provide a stopwatch.

However, people seeing this watch on the wrist of the leader of the free world guaranteed the commercial success of the watch.

Many luxury watches reflect a special interest of the wearer.  Are you a car buff? You may like the ORIS Audi Sport Limited, Shinola Runwell or the Rolex Daytona.  Are you a  diver? The Oris ProDiver Pointer Moon, Tissot Sea Touch or Tag Heuer Aquaracer 500M Oracle may be for you.

Are you in the military or a supporter of our heroes in the military? Check out the Oris Force Recon GMT Marines, Casio G-Shock GA100 or Luminox EVO Navy Seal.

There are even designs that celebrate musical icons like the Oris Frank Sinatra or Bob Dylan, and the Raymond Weil tribute to the Beatles.

Regardless of the brand, watches are personal, should be comfortable and fit your individual needs. Beyond serving the basic purpose of tracking time, your watch is a symbol of who you are– a reflection of your lifestyle. Whether it’s a luxury brand or less expensive model, buy what you love and enjoy it for a lifetime.

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