Noxxu Makes Driving Fun Again 1

Take the Wheel! Drive!

According to Forbes magazine, one of men’s biggest life regrets is that they took life too seriously and didn’t have more fun. Chesterfield resident, Dustyn Arney, founded Noxxu last October, with the goal of making driving fun again.

Arney said, “I attended a track day driving event through Groupon, looked  at a timeshare jet concept, brought a variety of ideas together and thought…why can’t we do this with cars?”

Imagine this…you driving fast dream cars on a track…a Lotus, a Porsche, even an Ariel Atom–simply enjoying the thrill of driving and being a member of like-minded people who love cars without the cost of owning and maintaining performance cars. That is what Noxxu is all about.

“I wanted to get the experience down to a price where anyone could drive any car if they wanted to,” Arney said.

Are you looking for a great original gift idea for a man in your life? This is it! Forget the neckties this year and give a one-of-a-kind experiential gift with Noxxu.

Noxxu offers events and memberships. With a monthly Noxxu membership, car enthusiasts are entitled to:

*Track Days- the longer you are a member the longer track time you earn when the driving events are held.

*Speeding Ticket Protection- the legal department at Noxxu protects you by working for reductions of charges in speeding tickets for the member and spouse or domestic partner, protecting your driving record and insurance rates.

*Auto Detailing Discounts- a contract with A&G Auto Spa entitles members to 20%  off of first detailing and 10% off any additional services. A&G has mobile detailing services and will come to your home.

Arney is constantly networking to add additional benefits to monthly memberships which may include discounts at car dealerships on services and purchases among other auto related perks that may include a tangible “Noxxu gas card.”

“We want to make membership into something that people can use all year round,” said Arney.

Arney is also expanding the corporate team building aspect of Noxxu to offer “Pit Stop Crew” team exercises and competitions for all departments of businesses. Teams of up to 10 “crew” members would work together to drive, change drivers, check tire pressure, wash windows and complete the pit stop checklist and get back out on the track.

Giving back is also an important aspect of Arney’s life and is infused in the Noxxu business model. Arney organizes and participates in multiple events each year including events that benefit the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation and the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

The time to join Noxxu is now. Memberships are affordable, make an excellent gift and are a sure way to infuse fun and passion into the lives of the special men in your life!

“Years ago, as life progressed, I had given up on the idea of having a dream car. Everybody wants the chance to drive that dream car. With Noxxu, you have that chance,” said Arney.

Sounds like fun! We ALL need a little more fun in our lives. So leave regret behind and let Noxxu help you get behind the wheel!

For more information about events, memberships and securing memorable gift experiences, visit: or call 844.466.9982. Visit for a chance to win a free test drive.