Home Again...Unplugged

A Tisket, a Tasket Your 
Family Needs a Basket.

Think about the various meanings the word home has to each of us: family…a feeling we get when we feel at peace…calmness…belonging. These days, it seems people are working more hours than they ever have and their children are involved in a great number of extracurricular activities. Evenings now consist of parents rushing their children from one activity to the next. I have heard some parents  joke around that their “family time” now consists of each person plugging into their own electronic bliss while sitting in the same room together.

Technology has its purpose. It allows us to communicate with family members–virtually anywhere on the planet– whom we would not normally get to talk to or “see.”  It helps us navigate while driving our cars; there is no longer the need to ask someone for directions to their house. It has helped many business owners grow their businesses and allows writers to create captivating content for blogs and publications. OK. Agreed. Technology does have its place.

But…what value are we placing on technology? Has it risen too high on our priority lists? Is technology more important than quality “person to person” time with friends and loved ones? Does the word “home” have to represent only the dwelling in which you live? We have a choice how we use the word home and how we can create a better place called home for our families; home is not just where you live, but a feeling you get when you feel safe, at peace, connected with the people with whom you share it and relaxed.

Let’s bring “HOME” back again. But, how? The best way is by having true quality time with loves ones; talking together, face to face and looking into the eyes of those with whom you are conversing. Technology is so tempting…it is right in our hands! Quickly! Find or purchase a basket or another suitable container of your choice; have each person place their “devices of the present moment” in the basket during designated or spontaneous times. This would allow everyone to truly be present and reconnect with their parents/children or loved ones instead of constantly being distracted and emotionally unavailable.

This might be a huge challenge for many but with all the “commitments” we choose to place on ourselves and our children’s full calendars, we must take action to forge out some time to spend actually talking to one another. Take this spring to step back and think about what the word “home” truly means to you; reconnect with it as summer shortly approaches.

Dig out that old basket…it will give your family and friends a wonderful gift…for all to be truly present…together…at HOME.