Cathy Shaw-Connely & Tom Shaw Realtors

Repeat Business is the 
Best Feedback—Since 1922

Cathy Shaw-Connely’s workplace, Tom Shaw Realtors, is also part of her family.

For 38 years, she’s been a home sales manager and a broker salesperson with the family-owned business, now based at 17813 Edison Ave. No.200 in Chesterfield. The business was started by her grandfather, Charles A. Shaw – the mayor of Clayton from 1930 to 1942 and namesake of that city’s Shaw Park – in 1922.

“We provide help with relocation buyers and we focus on listing residential sales tailored to the client,” said Shaw-Connely.

She’s proud that her grandfather was instrumental in starting up all subdivisions and developments in Clayton.

“The company originally was called Francis Shaw Realtors and then Shaw Brichler and Coleman Realtors before becoming Tom Shaw Realtors, which was named after my dad when he took it over,” Shaw-Connely said.

The firm now serves Chesterfield, Wildwood, St. Charles County and Franklin County.

“My dad, too, was instrumental in many residential and commercial developments,” Shaw-Connely said. “We still do some large acreage work but we do a lot of individual home sales as well, which is our main focus. I had the best teachers in this business – my dad is in his 80s and still comes into the office.”

Her two brothers, John Shaw and Tommy Shaw, work in the business, as well as her step mom Kathy Shaw, nephews Patrick Shaw and Matthew Shaw, and daughter Sheena Connely-Mulhal. The team also includes: Donna Wolfe, Kathy Loehr, Michelle Cabral, Michelle Oberlin, Ron Meier, T. D. Ward, Kevin and Lori Bardot, Randy Lewis, Sheryl McQuerry, Noel Mitchell, Michelle Scarato, Karla Dale, Randy Zimmering, Linda Mulhall, and many more talented people.

“We’re all attached at the hip, with everybody helping one another – all our agents are family or like family,” Shaw-Connely said.

Shaw-Connely and her team thrive in a real estate market that is extremely busy.

“I have had 80 listings at a time sometimes,” she said. “But our practice is to take the “m” in “me” and turn it upside down to “we.” We make our work about customers and all the staff, because word of mouth and reputation are so important to our company. That’s why we have a lot of repeat customers and different members of families work with us – it comes from providing good service.”

The company also incorporates green initiatives into its work. John L. Shaw said that Tom Shaw Realtors is now in the process of finalizing an agreement with Kim Hibbs and Matt Belcher of Hibbs Homes, to build up to seven energy efficient homes, in western Wildwood, on lots ranging in size from 5.5 acres to 9 acres.

Shaw-Connely said she enjoys helping people, especially if they’re first time buyers. “We specialize all over the board, from first to 20th time buyers in all prices ranges and with all different types of people,” she said.

“Repeat business is our best feedback and we believe in the personal touch. While we focus on residential clients, we serve everyone – builders, farmers–a wide variety of clients,” said Shaw-Connely.