The Cup 2

Cupcakes Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

The Cup offers everything from “sips” to “gulps” of special cupcakes, using made-from-scratch buttercream icing, other frostings and quality, tasty ingredients. The Cup also offers cookies and Kaldi’s coffee at locations including 1590 Clarkson Road/Suite 105, sandwiched between the Talbot’s and Chico’s stores, in Chesterfield.

Ericka Frank, owner of The Cup, said the business opened in 2007 at 28 Maryland Plaza in St. Louis’ Central West End, after its sister store, The Cakery, opened in 2005, in Dogtown, where it still operates. The Cup has a third location in Edwardsville, Ill.

Frank admits The Cup is the fulfillment of a dream and the culmination of her life’s work.

Her love for baking started when she was 12, in her hometown of Memphis, Tenn., when she baked and decorated a birthday cake for her mom. Since then, Frank – who holds a master’s degree in dietetics – has delighted friends and families with her edible creations.

“I opened the Cakery to specialize in custom-designed cakes, cupcakes and cookies – it’s the custom order version of the Cup,” she said, adding that friend Nicole Puyear originally was her partner/co-owner in The Cup; in September of last year, Puyear decided to become a full-time stay-at-home mom.

“The Cup lets you get up to 2.5 dozen baked goods on the spot. We do some customization there but not as intricately as we do at the Cakery.”

She said The Cup focuses more on a variety of flavors of cupcakes that can be customized with colored sprinkles or candy discs.

Feature flavors carried one to two weeks of every month at The Cup include strawberries ’n’ cream, lemon drop, mocha cappuccino, grasshopper (chocolate cake with mint frosting), island dream (golden yellow cake with coconut frosting), and Italian cream.

There are also specials that run through various seasons of the year, like raspberry beret, carrot top, summer crush (orange cake with vanilla cream filling and orange buttercream frosting), and pumpkin harvest.

Limited edition cupcakes like banana cream pie, banilla (banana cake and vanilla frosting) , black forest, Boston crème pie and buckeye (peanut butter cake with frosting dipped in chocolate ganache, topped with peanut butter drizzle and chopped peanuts) are available at special times during the year.

The two February limited editions are the ruby (red velvet and strawberry swirled cake topped with raspberry cream cheese frosting) and maple bacon (maple pecan cake using batter sprinkled with candied bacon, frosted with maple brown sugar frosting, topped with toasted pecans and a piece of candied bacon.

In addition, classic cupcakes are always on hand. They include confetti (French vanilla cake, vanilla buttercream frosting and multi colored sprinkles); tuxedo (dark chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream frosting topped with Oreo crumbs and a mini Oreo); gold rush (golden yellow cake with chocolate buttercream frosting ); double chocolate (dark chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting and chocolate curls on top); peanut butter cup (dark chocolate cake with peanut butter buttercream frosting and Reese’s crumbles on top); red velvet (red velvet cake topped with cream cheese frosting); and cuppa coffee cake (cinnamon sour cream swirl cake with a sugar glaze drizzle).

Creating these delicious offerings for her customers is truly a delight and teaching The Cup’s team members the sweet art is very rewarding.

“I love sweets, and I truly love to watch people grow and learn,” Frank said.

“Watching the team members excel and learn new things is really satisfying to me – when they do something better than I can, it thrills me. It’s really satisfying for me to watch my love for decorating and making cupcakes so visible in them.”

The Chesterfield store opened about two years ago.

“We love the Chesterfield area,” Frank said.

“Ever since the first store opened in 2007, we’ve had many customers ask “when are you going to West County?” So we were answering their desire to have a location further out.”

Prices of cupcakes range from $2.95 for classics, featured flavors and seasonal flavors to $3.45 for the limited editions.

“People love cupcakes,” Frank said.

“One reason is that everybody can have their own particular flavor. If you have a birthday cake, people like it or don’t. With cupcakes, everybody can have something that they specifically want, so you’re able to please a large crowd.”

She describes her cupcakes as “classic home-style.”

“We want our cupcakes to be the best version of what you imagine biting into a cupcake is like,” Frank said.

For more information on the company, call 636.536.2287 for the Chesterfield location or visit the website