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Letters to the Editor

Dear Libby,

I enjoyed reading and re-reading “Our Rich Tapestry” in the January issue. It’s welcome and refreshing to hear positive comments about diversity. The analogy that all the threads of a tapestry are equal in value no matter what their color, by Maya Angelou, is inspirational.

Many thanks for your positive comments and great magazine.  
I read it cover to cover.

Ginger McCartney

Hello, Libby.

I have enjoyed reading your magazine so much that I felt I needed to send my personal “thank-you” for such a special publication!
The articles are especially interesting and so well researched that I read Chesterfield Lifestyle from cover-to-cover. I thoroughly enjoyed last month’s articles concerning dogs and the diversity stories in the most recent publication are very informative.

Thanks to you, Libby, for such an outstanding local magazine.

Nancy Geiger

Senior Computer Support Helps People Connect

Senior Computer Support Tutors can expand your world, enhance your understanding of technology and enrich your experience with electronic devices all by reducing frustration, confusion and aggravation.

Senior Computer Support was started a little more than a year ago because Ryan Legow had the desire to help people enjoy using their computers.

“I sensed a growing frustration as electronics became such a growing part of our lives and continued to change rapidly. Teaching others and seeing it all become clear is extremely rewarding, especially with the senior population,” says Legow.  “We serve any age range with a focus on the senior population.”

SCS is adept at teaching the use of any electronic device, always with patience and care. In addition, SCS tutors are happy to help with software suggestions and with choosing and purchasing new electronics. Employing SCS can expand and enrich your life by assisting you in connecting with friends, family and vital services. The company will teach one on one or in groups and SCS offers special group rates. SCS also teaches classes on a variety of topics for companies and organizations. SCS covers the spectrum from vital security awareness to fun and game activities and their rates are very competitive.

Please contact us at 314.603.1224 or visit: for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Residents at Friendship 
Village Chesterfield Make 
and Donate Chairs

In the spirit of the holidays and starting the New Year happily, residents at Friendship Village Chesterfield (FVC) lent their woodworking and creative arts skills to produce chairs for North Side Community School, a charter school at 3033 North Euclid serving North St. Louis City.

Dewayn Reese, FVC’s woodshop coordinator, designed the colorful chairs which were then built and sanded by woodworkers in the retirement community before painting by the FVC creative arts residents under the direction of Gina Enberg, FVC creative arts coordinator.  At North Side School, the chairs, stenciled on the back with the school’s logo, were given to the art class of Jessica Canale.

Mary Mungenast, a resident of Friendship Village Chesterfield, along with her husband, Carl, delivered and presented the chairs to North Side Community School.

Eight woodworkers and creative arts residents at FVC worked on the project:  Betty Miller, Paul Scheidt, Phil and Diane Zimmerman, Dee Felt, Jean Speranza and Carl and Mary Mungenast.

Embrace Your Local Lender

Embrace Home Loans is a different kind of company- a national mortgage lender, team of professionals, people that care about their customers. Embrace offers a wide variety of products for purchasing, refinancing, investment properties and home renovations. Embrace has been awarded “Best Place to Work 2015” for the tenth consecutive year in a row; interacting with people who are not only knowledgeable and experienced but people who enjoy what they do, and the company that they represent. Industry wide recognition also includes receiving “50 Fastest Growing Lenders in 2015.” Embrace your Local Lender today!

Contact Branch Manager, Jeff Kaune, to discuss options that align with your financial wants and needs.

Office: 636.812.3004

Cell: 314.229.9585

400 Chesterfield Center

Suite 400

Chesterfield, MO 63017

Embrace Home Loans, Inc. NMLS#2184

Chesterfield Seeking Nominations for Citizen of the Year

Mayor Bob Nation and the Chesterfield City Council are officially requesting nominations for the 2015 Chesterfield “Citizen of the Year” Award. Many residents contribute to the community in a significant manner, each day, without reward or recognition. This is an opportunity to nominate someone who has brought honor upon him or herself and the community as the result of an outstanding accomplishment or simply by being actively involved and helpful within the community.

Selection Criteria

Citizens to be selected for recognition should meet the following criteria:

  • Actions being recognized should benefit the overall community of the City of Chesterfield and its residents in some manner through volunteerism, work performed on community projects and overall civic contributions to the community.
  • Individuals nominated should preferably be a resident of the City of Chesterfield.  If not, the accomplishment should take place in the City.

Nomination Guidelines

  • One nomination per person per household 
(spouses can be nominated jointly).
  • Previously nominated individuals can be re-nominated.
  • A nominee cannot serve on the Selection Committee.
  • A nominee cannot serve in a publicly elected position.
  • The person nominating an individual cannot serve on 
the Selection Committee.
  • City Employees will not be considered for the award.

Online application forms can be found on the City’s website at: Chesterfield.Mo.Us in the “Trending” section on the home page.  Applications are due no later than February 5, 2016.  If you have any questions, please call 636.537.4000.

You Guessed It!

January’s Mystery picture was taken of the sign marking the historical area of Old Chesterfield located at Old Chesterfield and Baxter Roads-the area that was known as Gumbo Flats.

A special thanks to all of our readers who took the time to write; keep those guesses coming! Congratulations to the following readers whose names were drawn from the pool of correct guessers:

Vita Epifanio, Gerard Lamoureux

Monthly Mystery Picture: What Is It?

Each month a Mystery Picture will be included at the end of Around Town. The Mystery Picture is a photo of something in Chesterfield; the picture may depict a close-up view or be taken from a unique vantage point. The answer to “What is it?” will be included in the next month’s issue of Chesterfield Lifestyle, along with a new Mystery Picture to solve. Readers are encouraged to submit one guess per month to The first readers to submit an email, correctly identifying the subject of the Mystery Picture, will be given the opportunity to have their name included in the next month’s issue.  Chesterfield is home to many hidden treasures, and we want to encourage you to always be exploring and discovering new things around town!