YRS Boutique & Spa 5

Modern Middle Eastern Clothing and Specialty Spa Services

YRS Boutique and Spa is in its second year of operating in the upper level/Dillard’s wing, at Chesterfield Mall and is the realization of the long-time dream project of owner Yasmeen Tanveer, of Chesterfield.

The family owned and operated business offers modern Middle Eastern and some Western style clothing, accessories and spa services, filling a need for local services that Tanveer said she had long heard about.

Tanveer, who lives in Chesterfield, with husband Syed, originally came here from Pakistan, in 1999.

“I came up with the idea for the store a long time ago,” Tanveer says. “I had a dream that I wanted a store that would offer all kinds of clothing, culture wise, but that also can offer facials, massages and so on.”

Tanveer has been a licensed esthetician for many years. Before opening her current store, she had another business at Chesterfield Mall, a kiosk business called “Look Great Eyebrow Threading,” which she opened about five years ago.

Threading is an ancient cosmetic hair removal method and is excellent for shaping eyebrows. Threading originated in Asia, though it has recently garnered popularity in the West.

A cotton or polyester  thread is doubled, twisted, and rolled over the hair, plucking it out at the follicle to remove a short line of hair.

Tanveer said that, when she first opened that counter, not many people in St. Louis were familiar with the threading technique, though it’s very popular in places like India and Pakistan.

“My specialty is working with people who have sensitive skin, conditions such as acne or Rosacea, or people who are on certain medications and can’t get a waxing procedure done,” she says.

“I wanted to introduce people to a more natural treatment. I was successful with that kiosk business and got a lot of women and men who had never had threading done before but loved it when they tried it and kept coming back.”

Unfortunately, she lost the kiosk when a different company signed a contract for her mall spot; she still enjoyed being at Chesterfield Mall and was determined to open another business there–this time, offering more than one service.

“In India and Pakistan, you often have a clothing boutique and spa operating together, in one business,” Tanveer says. “I wanted to make it easier for women to have one spot, to shop for clothes and have spa treatments.”

In the new store, she set up different sections of clothing, much of it special order available through catalogs and handmade.

“I made one section only Pakistani/Indian style clothes such as beautiful saris but I also have another section for more Western style clothes, because I want everyone to be able to come here and shop,” Tanveer says. “People can have measurements taken and order clothes here – we then order from companies abroad, such as in Pakistan, and it takes about three to four weeks to design and make them  – and we can alter them here, if need be, for free. We also have handmade scarves and shawls, because so many clients love handmade things.”

YRS Boutique &Spa also offers accessories, like jewelry and handbags.

Tanveer’s husband, whose main job is in the field of billing, works part time at the store, helping with customer service, inventory and orders.

“We have customers from all over — even out of state,” Tanveer says.

Though threading is no longer offered, the store’s spa offers services of a separate master esthetician who works three days a week, from noon to 8 p.m. on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

The clothes featured in the store range from daily wear to elaborate party dresses and even wedding gowns.

Tanveer says she tries to give the best prices, and dress prices start at about $200 to $300 but she regularly offers discounts for older adults and students.

“Some of the dresses have a lot of decorations and others not as much,” Tanveer says.

“Materials vary, from silk to chiffon to cotton, as well as others. Customers will tell us they can get things here they can’t get anywhere else. They are also happy about the convenience of being able to come here, try on clothes, touch fabrics, and have clothing adjustments. It’s just more of a personal service.”

She is working on her website, hoping to sell more clothes and other items online.

“I love doing this; helping customers find these beautiful things makes me happy,” Tanveer says.

The hours of operation for the store are 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays and 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sundays.

For more information on the store, 
call 636.549.4049 or visit: the website