Time Travel 2

Timing is Everything

Whether we like it or not, we can all agree that timing and traveling are intertwined.  Being “on time” is of the utmost importance–on time to book your flight, on time to check-in for your boarding pass; we all know the differences between “A” and “C” boarding passes as they relate to convenient, comfortable seating.

Recently, we had the opportunity to get away to Crested Butte, Colorado, for a family visit, sightseeing and relaxation. Unlike business travel, where your time schedule is at the forefront of all itineraries and decisions, this “schedule-free” trip was a rare luxury. Yet, it was on this trip that we came to appreciate the “timeliness” of travel and realize how lucky we were as to when we scheduled this excursion.

Timeliness is defined as “occurring at a suitable time;” I would like to share instances of how timing made our trip special and appreciated. A quick visit with our son and his friends in Denver found us in a locally known pub called The Elm. It was there that the topic of “best green chile breakfast burrito” came up. With a little historical perspective of the many years of immigration and migrant workers coming to Colorado, I knew that some of the greatest green chile dishes were in Denver and the breakfast burrito was very popular. After discussing everyone’s favorite, we pared it down to The Burro King; it was local, small and the breakfast burritos were fantastic. A perfect decision made on an unlikely, yet timely conversation.

While the drive to Crested Butte is quite spectacular, especially for a “flatlander,” it dawned on us we had picked the perfect time to see the Aspens turn their splashy golden best. This golden explosion happens only for about a week at various times throughout the state.  It also brings out many travelers stopping on roadsides for pictures and views which are breathtaking. Future travelers, the best color and the greatest turn of the Aspens may be on County Road 12, from Crested Butte to Kebler Pass.

Often, a central focus of traveling is dining out. How often do we get to a restaurant and ask for the soup du jour?  We find out it is chicken noodle (pass, we can make it at home), broccoli cheddar (standard), or how about cream of rutabaga with cauliflower?  Such was my lucky day at the Coal Creek Grill in Crested Butte. Couple that with the chance evening table by the babbling Coal Creek and you have a beautiful setting. Earlier, a lunch stop at the Eddyline Restaurant and Brewery in Buena Vista brought out a soup du jour of pork pozole.  On that day, at that time, I felt fortunate of the timing to taste this long simmering, Mexican inspired stew of pork, chiles and hominy.

Ever notice at breakfast when one person orders eggs Benedict with soft yolks and the server waits for the other orders before bringing everything to the table?  Please give the waiter approval to bring the eggs Benedict when ready, no need to let the eggs continue cooking under the warming lights…your spouse will appreciate it.  Not all timing is positive, rest assured.  So an evening reservation at a great restaurant, the Soupcon Bistro, allowed us the chance to sample a four star rated establishment after rave reviews from our hosts and others.  Here is the deal…poor timing gets you seated next to the coveted, regular customer.  We felt like rookies next to the long time veteran. The waitress had a hard time even noticing we were there until the timely order of a $100 bottle of red. Dinner was delicious, the evening turned out fine, and here is a great tip…wear flannel.

I’m really not the kind of guy who assigns extraordinary weight to every little occurrence or tries to tie it into a zen-like meaning of life; no, I am just a guy with a happy countenance and appreciation for the positive.  I appreciate when timeliness is on my side, especially when I am traveling and that same timeliness allows me to experience things I may not otherwise have had the opportunities to experience.