Enjoy your journeys

We have all heard the saying, “getting there is half the fun;” often times, we forget to enjoy our travel journey if all focus is placed on the destination itself. Great memories can be made, during our journeys, if we practice “mindfulness.”

Mindfulness is taking the time to actually enjoy each moment and to be aware of the sights, sounds and smells around you in any given point in time. Especially when traveling, a “stop and smell the roses” mentality will be certain to yield new and wonderful experiences to add to your memory bank. In addition to collecting memories of new, mindful experiences, the journey to your destination may allow you the time to have deeper conversations with your traveling companion(s) that the rush of the regular daily schedule may not permit.

Perhaps viewing flight delays and other bumps in the road, during travel, as putting you right where you need to be for a new, unique experience or conversation — right there, right then, will help you to enjoy the journey. In our “Travel Tales” issue, on page 34, Robert Allen explores the topic of timeliness in travel and how to appreciate each detail of your trip and the experiences it brings—because you were right there, right then.

Just like life, traveling is as much about the journey as it is the final destination; enjoy all of your journeys!

Yours in Community,

Elizabeth “Libby” Mullen