November 2015 Editor's Letter

Lucky Dog

Last year, John and I attended the Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce Holiday Party. We arrived as a “petless” couple, well after the starting time, as we were balancing our attendance at two functions that evening.  After we mingled with the other guests and enjoyed some refreshments, we decided to peruse the tables of items in the silent auction.

At the very end of the last table were photos and bios of several puppies that were available for adoption. We casually commented about how cute they all were…and then we went about socializing, getting our photo taken with Santa and sampling a few festive adult beverages.

Since we had arrived a bit late, we felt it necessary to “close down the house” and we ended up staying until the end of the party. Just as we were getting ready to leave (I’m talking just seconds before our departure), two little black “lab-ish” looking puppies, one wearing a red collar and the other in a blue collar, darted out from beneath one of the tables and were running and playing in the party room.

I looked at John (after I’d had three chocolate martinis) and said, “I know you love dogs; let’s take one of these puppies home with us, tonight.” John looked at me like I had five heads and said, “Really?”

Fast forward 20 minutes later and we were driving home with our new little girl, Veddie, sitting on my lap, as I gently held her red collar.

For our “lucky dog,” who was adopted at the very last minute that night, it was all about timing— a few chocolate martinis sure didn’t hurt her cause. Though she still chews up everything she can get her paws on, Veddie is an amazingly loving and entertaining dog; turns out, John and I, along with our nine children, are really the lucky ones!

Yours in Community,

Elizabeth “Libby” Mullen

ON THE COVER: Lucky dog, Veddie Girl, posing at Eberwein Dog Park in Chesterfield, on a sunny autumn afternoon.

Photography by John Babb