Planes, trains, automobiles...and busses!

When I turned 16, I didn’t get my own car (with an enormous red bow wrapped around it) like I had often fantasized.  I was fortunate though, because I got to drive my mom’s car most any time I wanted—and she had a very nice car. My mom worked downtown, in the federal government building; after I turned 16, she started taking the bus to work…and I got to drive myself (and friends) to and from school in that super sweet car!

Friends of my mom were surprised that she would ride a bus to work; they endearingly teased her about it a bit. Mom explained that the bus was convenient (it came to the top of our street right off of Clayton Rd.), comfortable (it was clean, had plush seats and great climate control), calming (it meant Mom could read and relax rather than fighting morning commuter traffic), and cost-effective (it had an economically priced monthly pass and meant no gas, no car maintenance and no parking fees).  My mom grew up riding public transportation back in the day — she even took a trolley car to school; it was second nature to her when a bus stop was added close by.

At 16, all I wanted to do was drive. Driving was the most enjoyable part of any journey, to me.  Now, nearly 30 years later, I can finally understand the reasons my mom took the bus to work when she didn’t have to. It was the way she most enjoyed her daily journey—not driving.

Clearly, our choices in transportation will vary depending on our resources, preferences, needs and availabilities at any given time in our lives. Our “Wheels and Wings” issue examines some unique aspects of transportation and the journeys associated with them.  So let’s go!

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