Prettify your palaces.

Decorate your home; it gives the illusion that your life is more interesting than it is.

–Charles M. Schultz

This quote, though tongue-in-cheek, (made by a man most of us would agree had a great sense of humor) gave me a lot to think about regarding this month’s “Home Sweet Home” issue. What does it really mean to “decorate” our homes?

The literal definition of “decorate” is: To make something more attractive by adding extra items or images to it. Synonyms: adorn, embellish, add to, garnish, furnish, enhance, grace…and my new personal favorite, PRETTIFY.

We all know that what is considered “more attractive” varies with individual tastes and preferences; we have all heard it said that, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” So, when it comes to decorating our homes we should choose the colors, textures, materials and looks that we each love and make our surroundings comfortable and pleasant. In this issue, dedicated to the HOME, you can discover new and different ways to decorate your home and even get some ideas and help for doing just that.

*To enhance and embellish your entry, read about “Dream Doors” on page 20.

*To grace and garnish your “grub-hub” with new cooking ideas, find out about the Taste of St. Louis on page 24.

*To furnish and finish your fireplace, learn about how to “Leave No Stone Unturned” on page 34.

*To adorn or add to your home’s interior, discover “Directions In Design” on page 12.

Go ahead, Chesterfield Lifestyle Readers, PRETTIFY YOUR PALACES!

Yours in Community,