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Going “Green” at Home Never Looked so Beautiful

Would you rather have your children and grandchildren climbing mountains or climbing landfill piles?”

Patrick Gilmore, owner of Recycled Granite poses this question to drive home the importance of diverting waste by recycling materials. Patrick’s company creates unique and gorgeous: fireplaces, floors, walkways, back splashes, walls, islands, shower surround—and just about any other application you can dream of—using recycled granite pieces.

A few years back, during Patrick’s commute to work, he drove by some large granite slabs that were laid out at the curb. When he was coming back the other way he noticed the slabs had been tipped over and shattered in the street. The next time he drove by all of the broken granite pieces were gone. Patrick visited the business to find out what happened to the granite and was told that they were thrown away in the dumpsters in the back.

After additional research, Patrick learned that there are several fabricating companies in the area that deal with large granite slabs and their “waste” was also just thrown away.

“There are around 52 fabricating companies in and around the St. Louis area; the average company has about 5 tons of waste per week—granite slabs that are fractured or have small imperfections are not usable for their purposes—that is potentially over 250 tons of granite, just in our area, that would be going to the landfills every week,” Gilmore explains.

Using these beautiful granite pieces, Patrick is able to create amazing one-of-a-kind projects for homeowners while doing something important for the environment by keeping usable materials from going to landfills.

Patrick grew up on a farm in Missouri, and was always taught the importance of not wasting things. That practice was put into use daily on the farm. He also has a tremendous respect for the historical Native American way of life, finding a use for everything and taking care of the earth by respecting the environment. He infuses these philosophies and practices into his business.

“I have two main goals with my company—to divert waste and to create jobs,” Gilmore says. Homeowners who choose Recycled Granite to install projects in their homes can feel good about the process being “green.”

Patrick Gilmore is on a mission to “leave no stone unturned” and in the process he is beautifying homes while recycling materials. Patrick’s creations are truly works of art and become conversations pieces in the Chesterfield area homes where he has created them. Gilmore said, “Going green has never looked so beautiful.” Find out more about Recycled Granite and how Patrick can transform your home into a “green” showplace.


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