“We Make It; You Wear It” 5

Locally Made: Jewelry, Clothing and Accessories

The talents of local craftspeople are visible in home boutiques and retail locations throughout Chesterfield. Locally made jewelry, clothing and accessories are available for purchase. These local artisans put their hearts and souls into making unique goods that Chesterfield residents can enjoy.


Joanne Safron Feissle is owner and designer with Designer Linx Jewelry. Designer Linx custom handcrafted artisan jewelry includes earrings, bracelets and necklaces made of pearls, gem stones, crystals, mixed metals, leather and silk. Feissle calls the pieces “wearable works of art.” Feissle says “My interest in jewelry design began years ago when I disassembled purchased jewelry to create an original design; I’ve always been artistic.”  In 2002, the jewelry design process expanded.

“I purchased wire, a variety of tools, findings and semi-precious gemstone beads to take my creativity to a new level,” Feissle says. “As I began wearing my creations, I received compliments and requests to make and sell my jewelry.” Today, she hosts office parties, home parties, fundraisers and holiday boutiques. “My passion for design has evolved, and I find myself in a constant state of learning new techniques to create that unique, one-of-a-kind design for others.” In December 2008, she left a 21-year corporate career in retail sales and consumer marketing management to become a full-time artist.

Feissle is an area resident, a regular at Chesterfield restaurants, parks and stores as well as at the Chesterfield amphitheater. “I have had the pleasure of participating as a vendor in the Chesterfield Earth Day event,” Feissle says. Her collection is available at Jeans Jackets & Jewels at Hilltown Village Center in Chesterfield.



Laurie Roethemeyer calls her line Design522. Roethemeyer started making jewelry 11 years ago as a hobby while working full-time for a commercial real estate company in St. Louis.

“I started to sell Southern Living about 10 years ago for extra fun money and would give my jewelry away as attendance prizes but my customers would rather purchase my jewelry versus the product I was there to sell,” she says. “Since I enjoyed designing jewelry and found it was very therapeutic, I decided to start hosting home parties.”  She’s been fortunate to have business owners approach her about designing jewelry for their retail locations. “I am now in four boutiques or studios – the Chesterfield location is at Jeans Jackets and Jewels in Hilltown Village,” Roethemeyer says. “I create unique designs in every price and age range and specialize in custom designs including birthstones on loved ones.” Her latest best seller is a hand stamped “Go Cards” Tiffany-style necklace or bracelet including a Swarovski crystal baseball.  She has donated several of these for silent auctions, and they usually command a higher bid than the retail value. She can get a Swarovski football in any team color which can be used as a fundraiser for any high school.

Roethemeyer named her business “Design522” because her birthday is May 22 (5/22). “I have been very blessed as I am doing something I love and have met some wonderful people during my journey,” she says. Roethemeyer created one-of-a-kind designs for all of the coaches wives, cheerleaders and previous owner, Georgia Frontiere, of the St. Louis Rams while Steve Spagnuolo was the coach. “Maria Spagnuolo discovered my jewelry at The Looking Glass in Lafayette Square and she hired me to create Swarovski crystal bracelets for all of the coaches’ wives,” she explains. “I created necklaces for all of the cheerleaders and a wire wrapped pendant for Georgia Frontiere – all in the Ram’s colors.”



Km2 Accessories are designed by the firm’s founders, the three Gelber sisters: Megan Perry, Katelyn Meyer and Mattison Gelber. They custom-design crystal belts, headbands, bracelets and hats, and a percentage of the proceeds benefits sex trafficking victims. Katelyn says their styles are all their own but combine to create a fashion adventure to enhance your wardrobe, specializing in accessories assembled in the U.S. “At Km2, we are all about helping you find the right look to bring out your unique own style with just the right amount of cutting edge and class to help you be you,” she says. The sisters grew up in Chesterfield and their line launched in Los Angeles while they were living there for six years studying fashion and entertainment. “When we moved home, we continued to make our products in our home town and hire women in the Chesterfield area to produce our line,” Katelyn says.They currently work in the Ladue area. They sell in various boutiques across the St. Louis area and on their website. Their entire collection is available in Chesterfield at Jeans Jackets and Jewels and the Face and Body Salon. For sales and updates on Km2 Accessories, find them on Facebook.com/Km2Shoes-and-Accessories.



Shannon Delhougne lives in Chesterfield and started Silly Me Designs after her third son was born. “I have been an avid crafter for many years,” she says. She also loves sewing, crafting and creating. “I was tired of not finding cute clothes for my boys so I started to make my own.  I had owned a sewing machine since I was a teenager but it was now time for an embroidery machine. I was constantly stopped and asked where I bought these outfits. I explained that I had made them and then was immediately asked if I could make their child a one of a kind creation.” After more people were asking for her creations, Silly Me Designs was born. “I chose the name because my initials are SMD,” Delhougne says. “I began to branch out and make other custom items; baby gifts, purses, etc. My business was growing just by word of mouth.” She works out of a studio in her home which works out perfectly since she now has four sons. Her creations are only sold out of her home; her items are not sold in any boutique or online store. “Clients enjoy coming to my studio and picking out fabrics, colors, trims and fonts,” she says. “They get to use their imagination and help create their personalized item.” She has a Facebook page that she uses to show her latest creations.



Kim Fleig is a part time metalsmith; she’s lived in the area for more than 25 years. Fleig began her love of metal many years ago, with her dad making a spoon ring for her. “He’s a retired tool and die inspector from Boeing,” she says. “He still has the most awesome, messy workshop in a giant barn, and I’ve always enjoyed hanging around with him talking shop.” A few years ago as a birthday gift, her mom purchased a metals class for her at Craft Alliance Center of Art + Design.  It was during Fleig’s many classes at Craft Alliance that she discovered her passion for the process of planning, collaborating, and forging that blossomed into this creative outlet. Fleig uses traditional metalworking techniques in her jewelry, such as piercing, soldering and hand fabrication of settings. She frequents many mineral and gem shows and rock shops throughout Missouri and the mountains of Colorado, always in search of an inspiring stone, for a unique setting. Examples of Kim’s jewelry and contact information can be found on her website and items can be purchased at the new Chesterfield Antique Mall at 16635 Old Chesterfield Road. She also always welcomes the opportunity to commission custom pieces and keeps a variety of beautifuThe talents of local craftspeople are visible in home boutiques and retail locations throughout Chesterfield. Locally made jewelry, clothing and accessories are available for purchase. These local artisans put their hearts and souls into making unique goods that Chesterfield residents can enjoy.l stones on hand.