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Celebrate a 37-Year, Local Shopping Tradition

July 2015 marked the 37th year of business for Old House In Hog Hollow, in Chesterfield. Since July 1978, Betty Brandt has seen transformational changes happen in the world. Some things don’t change – at the Old House, you will experience a genuine love for customers, service excellence and an unyielding desire to satisfy with a smile. In addition to the area’s most unique shopping experience, Old House offers beautiful furniture, collectibles, primitives, folk art, pewter, lamps, Americana and seasonal items. You will experience timeless and classic customer service; Betty and her team dedicate themselves to making friends and serving customers every day. “Customers have become friends, and those friends have become mothers and grandmothers,” says Brandt. Betty fondly shared a comment from a customer who told her, “I remember going to Old House in Hog Hollow with my mother every weekend as a child.”

In 1978, Old House In Hog Hollow was located just down the street from the current location at 14319 Olive Blvd. Within the home’s 12 rooms were rented spaces with antiques for sale by individual businesswomen. Betty converted one of the rooms to unique and new gifts, and the new business model began. Over the next decade, as the spaces became available, Betty focused her creativity on theme rooms; each themed room sang the praises of Betty’s classic and beautiful decorative touch.  Floral.  Stencil.  Knitting.  Lamps and shades.  Antiques.  All of the rooms provided Betty the opportunity to connect with her customers, serve their needs and build friendships.

In 1993, as Chesterfield was rapidly expanding, the original home of Old House In Hog Hollow was to be lost during the widening of Olive Boulevard. Betty considered having the structure physically moved and placed onto a new foundation; instead, she took the opportunity to relocate the business to its current location, in the Queatham House of 1859. Brandt chose to have the “new” building painted, using classic, historic colors; several major restoration projects were performed to welcome customers to step back in time and experience shopping the way it was meant to be.

I personally visit Old House In Hog Hollow every month; each time, I discover new, unique items and collections I have never seen anywhere else. Betty and her team continuously infuse new items into the mix and apply their considerable decorating skills to celebrate into the seasons.

One of Betty’s favorite locally made collections is ASL Pewter; every piece is hand made by Thomas and Patricia Hooper in Ste. Genevieve, Mo. The designs of the beautiful pewter are based on historical lines or are original creations, and according to Betty, ASL Pewter produces “the best pewter in the country.”  Old House In Hog Hollow carries a large selection of ASL Pewter products, which are as beautiful to look at as they are functional.

Betty has business ownership in her family DNA – her family owned grocery stores, nightclubs, and even a laundromat. For almost 40 years, Betty has been personally attending to her customers at  Old House In Hog Hollow. “I love being of service to my customers and I feel great about the relationships that I have with my customers,” says Brandt. One of her hallmark service skills is drawing upon her deep network and extensive knowledge to get customers exactly what they want. Betty says that customers would tell her frequently that Old House In Hog Hollow was the first place to find the specific gift they wanted; now, they don’t ask, Betty, “Can you get it?” – Customers know Betty CAN!

Old House In Hog Hollow

14319 Olive Blvd,

Chesterfield, MO 63017