Tiny Treausures of the River's Edge 5

It’s All About the “Little Things”

I love the Chesterfield Parks and take full advantage of them all. I recently took a walk with my husband at the River’s Edge Park. I love that this park offers a soft trail and I can enjoy the wildflowers and wildlife while walking around the lake. I have bird watched there and enjoy taking photos of the nature I see.

I took another hike at River’s Edge Park; the wildflowers had just started to open. It is a wonderful, natural (not cultivated) park for those who want a quiet short walk in nature. A two-mile loop (20-30 minute walk depending upon your speed) around the lake. It has a soft path that is mostly shaded except at midday when sun is directly overhead. The path is great for older couples who might like a slower pace on things…It’s also good for morning bird watching or fishing (catch and release).

I have always loved the outdoors and have a passion for hiking, so I started taking photos of nature. I have always been overwhelmed by the beauty that surrounds us and mostly goes unnoticed in the “hustle-bustle” of our lives, so…I try to stop and “smell the roses” and encourage others to do so, too. I love that photography can capture a moment that evokes some type of moment, and then later you can relive that moment’s emotion over and over by looking at the photos.

When my kids were little, I used to take them on hikes in parks, woods, trails, and creek beds and told them to look for treasures….our version of treasures were the kind of things I now take pictures of.  I see people walk through parks or on trails all of the time since I am a hiker myself, rarely do I ever see them notice “the little things.” People will notice a deer or snake that crosses their path or notice that there are, in general, wildflowers or a fluttering butterfly/moth along the way, but they rarely stop to LOOK at the flowers, smell them, check out the pollinators, or other little treasures that are there if they just looked. Nature is beautiful, both big and small.

River’s Edge Park is a great place to “stop and smell the roses”…a park for people who like to stroll…lots of “little things” to see for those who like to watch for nature’s tiny treasures. If I were still a scout leader or parent of young children, I would take this photo feature to River’s Edge Park and supply a copy to each of the kids, along with a marker, and send them on a hunt to find the things in the photos and circle the ones they find.

Now that my youngest is off to college I hope to have more time to do the traveling, outdoor activities and creative hobbies that I enjoy and to figure out what I want to do when I grow up; I have always enjoyed taking photos. I am not a professional photographer; I just love to take photos and I love to share them with others.

*Elaine Collins has been a resident of the Chesterfield area for 22 years and is a big fan of the “little things” in our Chesterfield parks.